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Function of Pressure Regulating Valve of Diesel Generator Set

Feb. 03, 2023

The function of the pressure regulating valve on the diesel generator set is to regulate the gas pressure entering the mixer. The pressure regulating valve is a pressure regulator with adjustable rated spring, which can realize stable, accurate and sensitive adjustment of the outlet pressure of the pressure regulating valve. It is mainly composed of shell, regulating disc, pulse connector, working diaphragm, rated spring, regulator, etc.

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The outlet pressure of the pressure regulating valve depends on the adjustment of the rated spring. Open the protective cover of the pressure regulating valve and turn the adjusting nut to adjust the outlet pressure (the circlip does not need to be taken out during adjustment). The adjusting nut has a total of 47 turns. When it is rotated in the direction marked by the pressure regulating valve (facing the top of the pressure regulating valve and turning counterclockwise), it is to reduce the pressure behind the gas valve; when it is rotated in the opposite direction, it is to increase the pressure behind the valve. Generally, before starting up, adjust the pressure regulating valve to the middle position, close the mixer, adjust the pressure regulating room, and adjust the outlet pressure of the pressure regulating reading to about 0.2kPa, that is, 20mrn water column. After startup, when increasing the power, adjust the pressure regulating valve appropriately according to the power level and the opening of the mixer to raise the power to the target value and make the diesel generator set work normally.

The flame arrester is installed in the gas pipeline of different parts of the diesel generator set, and its function is to prevent the flame that may be generated from spreading along the gas pipeline, so as to effectively ensure the safety of all equipment, engine components and gas sources in the gas pipeline network, and prevent the accidental flame spread to the gas pipeline network caused by the ignition of the mixture of gas and air by the flame of the engine cylinder or the spark that may be generated in other parts, The resulting explosion disaster. At the same time, it should have as little gas flow resistance as possible so that the gas can pass through the flame arrester smoothly.

The flame arrestor is composed of left and right shells, flame arrestor core, left and right support frames and isolation frames. The fire retardant core is made of stainless steel corrugated tape.

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