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Function of Oil Pressure of Cummins Generator Set

Dec. 13, 2022

Cummins generator set is a kind of power generation equipment that uses diesel as fuel, so it needs oil lubrication during the operation and daily maintenance of Cummins generator set. If you want to keep the Cummins generator set running for a long time, you need to not only improve the quality of the engine oil, but also pay attention to many things.

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One of the more important points is the oil pressure of Cummins generator set. What is the role of the oil pressure of Cummins generator set. Next, let's briefly introduce the relevant content.

During the operation of Cummins generator set, if the oil pressure is too low or too high, the lubrication quality of Cummins generator set will be affected. The oil pressure must be controlled within the specified range. The oil pressure range of 135 series naturally aspirated Cummins generator set shall be 0.25~0.35MPa, and that of DEUTZ FL513 Cummins generator set shall be 0.36~0.48MPa.

After the Cummins generator set has just started for 1min, if the indication of the oil pressure gauge does not rise, the machine shall be shut down quickly for inspection, the cause shall be found out and the fault shall be eliminated before starting and the oil pressure shall be observed.

During the operation of Cummins generator set from low speed to high speed, the oil pressure gradually increases. After Cummins generator set reaches the rated speed, the oil pressure slowly recovers to the specified value. If it cannot be restored to the specified value within 15min, the oil pressure shall be adjusted.

Cummins generator set has a pressure regulating valve on the side of the oil filter. Remove the nut, loosen the lock nut, and turn the adjusting bolt with a screwdriver.

When screwing in the bolts, the oil pressure should increase; The oil pressure should decrease when the bolts are unscrewed. After adjustment, tighten the lock nut. If the oil pressure is still too low after adjusting the oil pressure, check the quality of the oil suction pan or oil of Cummins generator set.

For Cummins generator set, it is very important to properly control the oil pressure of Cummins generator set, which can ensure the normal operation of Cummins generator set, so as to ensure the efficient operation of Cummins generator set.

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