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Four Structures of Cylinder Block of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 22, 2022

The cylinder block of Cummins diesel generator set is the body of the cylinder. The crankcase is divided into upper and lower parts, and the lower crankcase is used to support the crankshaft. The cylinder block and the upper crankshaft of medium and small water-cooled engines are often cast into one, referred to as the cylinder block

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There are four types of cylinder block structures of Cummins diesel generator set, and the specific contents are as follows:

(1) For ordinary cylinder block, the crankshaft centerline is located on the connecting surface between the upper crankcase and the oil pan. The NJ-70 gasoline engine belongs to this structure.

(2) The connection surface between the upper crankcase and the oil pan of the gantry cylinder block is located below the centerline of the crankshaft, that is, the entire main bearing is located in the upper crankcase. Z12V190B diesel engine, 4125C diesel engine and Cummins NTA series diesel engine belong to this structure.

(3) The tunnel type cylinder block is usually used for rolling bearing engines to increase its strength. 6135 diesel engine and 2105 diesel engine belong to this structure.

(4) The base type cylinder block has no main bearing in the upper crankcase, and the crankshaft is installed on the lower crankcase to bear the main load, which is suitable for large diesel engines. For example, 6160 diesel engine adopts this structure.

The body of Cummins NTA series diesel engine is made of high-strength cast iron and formed by multiple processes of mechanical processing, with sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness. This series of diesel engine cylinder block.

The upper part of the machine body is box shaped, with many pillars and transverse walls cast inside, belonging to a gantry structure. The upper plane is provided with a cylinder hole, a valve push rod hole, an oil hole, a cooling water outlet hole, etc. The cylinder sleeve is made of high-quality gray cast iron and is pressed into the cylinder hole. The lower end face of its upper flange is pressed against the shoulder blade of the cylinder hole for positioning. It is not allowed to move up and down during operation. There are two annular grooves on the lower flange of the cylinder sleeve for the installation of rubber water seals to prevent cooling water from seeping into the crankcase and causing oil deterioration.

The front end of the engine body is connected with the front end cover, and a gasket is added in the middle to form a timing gear chamber. The timing gear, that is, the transmission mechanism, is installed inside. The rear end is connected with the flywheel housing, and a gasket is added in the middle to form a flywheel chamber, and flywheel and other parts are installed inside. The lower part is connected with the oil pan, and a gasket is added in the middle to form a crankcase. The main bearing of the crankshaft and the coarse oil filter screen are installed inside. The right side is equipped with camshaft, shaft sleeve, fuel pump, oil pump, fuel filter, cam follower cover and instrument frame; The left side is equipped with charging motor, starter, oil cooler, oil filter, water filter, etc. The oil pan is a cast iron piece, which is equipped with an oil dipstick for checking the oil volume and a hole for installing an oil temperature sensor. The bottom is equipped with an oil drain plug.

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