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Fault Causes of Generator Cylinder Head Set

Mar. 31, 2023

Sometimes, generators may suddenly experience abnormal power drops during operation, and there are many reasons for the power drops. Today, Starlight Power Generation Company mainly analyzes the reasons for the failure of the generator cylinder head group.

diesel generator set

(1) Due to exhaust leakage, insufficient intake air volume or exhaust gas mixed in the intake air may lead to insufficient fuel combustion and power reduction of the generator. The mating surface of the valve and valve seat should be polished to improve its sealing performance, and replaced if necessary.

(2) Air leakage at the joint surface between the cylinder head and the diesel engine body can cause air in the cylinder body to enter water or oil channels, causing coolant to enter the engine body. If not detected in a timely manner, it can lead to "sliding shoes" or black smoke, resulting in insufficient engine power. Due to damage to the cylinder head gasket, there will be a stream of air rushing out of the cylinder head gasket during gear shifting, and water bubbles will appear at the gasket when the engine is running. At this time, the cylinder head nut should be tightened according to the specified torque or the cylinder head gasket should be replaced.

(3) Incorrect valve clearance can cause air leakage, resulting in reduced engine power, and even difficulty in ignition. The valve lash should be readjusted.

(4) Damaged valve springs can cause difficulty in valve return, valve leakage, and reduced gas compression ratio, resulting in insufficient engine power. Damaged valve springs should be replaced promptly.

(5) Air leakage from the mounting hole of the fuel injector or damage to the copper gasket can cause a lack of cylinder, resulting in insufficient engine power. The damaged parts should be removed for maintenance and replaced. If the inlet water temperature is too low, it will lead to increased heat dissipation loss. At this time, the inlet temperature should be adjusted to meet the specified value.

The above failures of the generator cylinder head set will reduce its power, resulting in insufficient power for the generator and impeding its normal operation. If your generator experiences insufficient power, please shut down the machine in a timely manner for troubleshooting to avoid damage to the generator.

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