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Failure Analysis of The Daewoo Generator Set Crankshaft Bearing

Jul. 16, 2021

When the crankshaft bearing of South Korea's Daewoo generator set melts, the generator set will make a dull and powerful metal knocking sound at the molten main bearing. If all the bearings of the generator set are melted or loosened, there will be a clear beep.

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1. Lubricating oil pressure of Daewoo generator set  is insufficient, and the lubricating oil cannot be squeezed between the shaft and the bearing, so that the shaft and bearing of the generator set are in a semi-dry or dry friction state, which causes the temperature of the generator set bearing to rise and the anti-friction alloy melts.

2. The back of the bearing of Daewoo generator set does not fit well with the hole of the bearing seat, or there is copper padding, which causes poor heat dissipation.

3. The amount of lubricating oil in the oil pan of the Daewoo generator set is insufficient and the oil temperature is too high, or the lubricating oil is diluted by water or diesel, or the lubricating oil of inferior quality or inconsistent brand is used.

4. The instantaneous overspeed operation of the diesel engine of the Daewoo generator set, such as the "aircraft group" of the diesel engine of the generator set, is also one of the reasons for the burning of the bearings.

5. The gap between the shaft and the bearing of Daewoo generator set is too small to form an oil film, or the bearing is too short and the bearing housing hole has no interference, causing the generator set bearing to rotate in the housing hole, blocking the oil passage hole on the generating set bearing housing hole and interrupting lubrication Oil supply.

6. The roundness of the crankshaft journal of the Daewoo generator set is out of tolerance. During the lubrication process of the generator set, it is difficult to form a certain oil film because the journal is not round (the bearing gap is sometimes large and sometimes small, and the oil film is sometimes thick and sometimes thin), resulting in poor lubrication.

7. Due to the deformation of the Daewoo generator set or the bearing processing error, or the crankshaft bending, etc., the center lines of the main bearings do not coincide. When the crankshaft of the generator set rotates, the uneven thickness of the oil film of each bearing of the generator set may even become a dry friction state. Smelt the bearing.

8. Daewoo generator set lubricating oil passage, oil collector, oil coarse filter, etc. are blocked by dirt, and the bypass valve on the coarse filter cannot be opened (the valve spring preload is too large or the spring and ball valve are stuck by dirt, etc. ), causing the lubricating oil supply of the generator set to be interrupted.

The above content is the breakdown analysis of the crankshaft bearing melting of South Korea's Daewoo generator set compiled by Jiangsu Starlight Power Equipment Co., Ltd. We hope it will be helpful to everyone. In the future, effective measures can be taken when such problems are encountered in an accurate and timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the unit.

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