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Electronic Controlled High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System

Dec. 12, 2023

The rapid development of electronic control technology has provided the possibility for diesel engines to achieve better power performance, fuel economy, and emission indicators. The electronically controlled high-pressure common rail diesel engine is a modern internal combustion engine that integrates advanced mechanical and electronic control technology. While it is beneficial for the protection of the Earth's environment, it will also promote the development of the diesel engine industry, automotive industry, and related industries. The concept of an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail diesel engine and the composition of the fuel system are as follows:

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(1) Concept of Electric Controlled High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Generator

1. "Electronic control" refers to the fuel injection system being controlled by the diesel engine ECU. The electronic control unit (ECU, commonly known as the computer) precisely controls the fuel injection quantity and timing of each injector, which can achieve the best balance between fuel economy and power performance of the diesel engine. However, traditional diesel engines are mechanically controlled, and control accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

2. "High pressure" refers to the fuel injection pressure being more than twice that of traditional diesel generators, with a maximum of 200MPa (the traditional diesel engine fuel injection pressure is 60-70MPa) or above. High pressure, good atomization, sufficient combustion, improved power and fuel efficiency.

3. "Common rail" refers to the simultaneous supply of fuel to various injectors through a common fuel pipe, with the injection amount accurately calculated by the ECU. At the same time, it provides the same quality and pressure of fuel to each injector, making the operation of the diesel engine smoother and optimizing the overall performance of the diesel engine. Traditional diesel engines, on the other hand, use individual fuel injection from each cylinder, resulting in inconsistent fuel injection quantity and pressure, uneven operation, and unstable combustion, high noise, and high fuel consumption.

(2) The composition of the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel system

The electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system is a fuel pipe installed on the cylinder head of a diesel engine. The fuel pipe is a long tube shaped closed container, and the fuel injectors of each cylinder are connected to this pipe through a high-pressure oil pipe, which is commonly used, known as the common rail. The high-pressure fuel injection pump continuously flows into the air storage tank inside the common rail through a one-way valve. The pressure sensor feedbacks the pressure value inside the common rail to the control unit, and adjusts the pressure inside the common rail by controlling the appropriate opening and oil release of the solenoid valve.

The pressure inside the common rail is the injection pressure of the fuel injector, which can reach 140-160MPa or even higher. The way the oil pressure is generated is completely different from that of a plunger pump.

The fuel supply timing is controlled by the injector solenoid valve, and the fuel injection amount is controlled by the continuous opening time of the solenoid valve, so the system does not require an advance or a speed controller. All of these are automatically controlled by the ECU system. The normal operation of the system requires that the injector solenoid valve must be able to open and close on time, quickly, and reliably, and can withstand long-term high-frequency opening and closing conditions.

Therefore, the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail diesel engine has good power performance, fuel efficiency, and no black smoke phenomenon during acceleration, but the cost of the electronic control device is relatively high.

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