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Electromagnetic Switch Closing Sound of Generator Set

May. 10, 2023

When the generator set is sometimes started, a sound can be heard when the electromagnetic switch of the generator set is engaged, but the flywheel of the generator set does not rotate. This phenomenon is usually caused by the lack of meshing between the driving gear and flywheel ring gear of the generator set or the slipping of the driving gear of the starter. Below, Starlight Power will analyze the reasons and solutions for this phenomenon in the generator set.

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1. If, after inspection, the quality of the driving gear and flywheel gear ring of the starting generator set is intact, and the two cannot mesh together during startup, and the starting generator set still appears to be idling and there is a metal collision sound, then the starting generator set should be disassembled. If, after disassembly, it is found that the distance between the fork blocks is too large, causing the driving mechanism of the generator set to be unable to move in place, hand pressure should be applied to reduce the distance between the two protruding blocks of the generator set. If the protrusion is severely worn or one side of the protrusion is damaged, welding repair can be used for treatment.

2. If the fork distance is appropriate and the driving gear of the generator set can mesh with the flywheel ring gear, but the generator set still experiences high-speed idle when starting, one hand should hold the armature and rotate the driving gear with the other hand. If it can rotate clockwise but cannot rotate counterclockwise. It indicates that the generator set is working well; If both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation are possible, it indicates that the drive mechanism is damaged and should be replaced with a new one.

3. If the flywheel of the generator set does not move, a second or even third startup should be carried out. If it cannot be ruled out, use a flat screwdriver to adjust the adjustment screws at the left and right lower ends of the electromagnetic switch of the starting generator set, so that the drive gear and flywheel ring gear mesh with each other. If the fault has not been eliminated according to the above adjustments, the drive gears and other parts inside the starting generator set should be disassembled for inspection.

In summary, if there is a phenomenon of the generator set flywheel not rotating, we will first inspect the generator set according to the above method and solve it one by one. If the above method cannot be solved, we will find professional personnel to repair the generator set.

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