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Electric Controlled High Pressure Common Rail Diesel Generator

Dec. 12, 2023

The common rail electronic fuel injection technology of diesel generators is a new technology that combines computer control technology, modern sensing and detection technology, and advanced fuel injector structure. It can not only achieve high injection pressure and control injection pressure and quantity, but also achieve pre injection and segmented injection, thereby optimizing fuel injection characteristics, reducing diesel generator noise, and greatly reducing emissions of harmful components in exhaust gas.

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1. Wide application areas (used for small passenger cars and light cargo vehicles, with a power of up to 30kW per cylinder; used for heavy-duty cargo vehicles, diesel locomotives, and ships, with a power of around 200kW per cylinder).

2. By adopting advanced electronic control devices and equipped with high-speed electromagnetic switching valves, the control of the fuel injection process is very convenient, and there are multiple controllable parameters, which is conducive to the overall optimization of the combustion process of diesel generators.

3. Adopting a common rail fuel supply system, the pressure fluctuation of the fuel injection system is small, and the mutual influence between the fuel injectors is small. The injection pressure control accuracy is high, and the injection quantity control is more accurate.

4. The high-speed electromagnetic switching valve has a high frequency and flexible control, which allows for a wide adjustable range of injection pressure in the fuel injection system. It can also conveniently achieve pre injection and other functions, providing an effective means for optimizing fuel injection patterns, improving its performance, and reducing harmful components in exhaust emissions.

5. The system architecture is easy to transplant, has a wide range of adaptability, and can be well matched with current small, medium, and heavy-duty diesel engines, thus having a broad market prospect.

6. It can independently and flexibly control the fuel injection timing, in conjunction with high injection pressure (120-200MPa). The commonly used Bosch common rail fuel system has a rail pressure of 145MPa, which can simultaneously control NOx and particulate matter (PM) within a small range to meet emission requirements.

7. The common rail electronic fuel injection technology helps to reduce the harmful exhaust emissions of diesel engines, and has comprehensive performance in reducing noise, reducing fuel consumption, and improving power output.

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