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Efficient Methods for Replacing Diesel Generator Set Crankshaft

Mar. 28, 2023

Due to the fact that the oil pressure in the torque converter of a diesel generator set is higher than the oil pressure in the air compressor, when the crankshaft rear oil seal ages and fails or is improperly assembled, it will lose its proper sealing effect, causing the pressure oil in the torque converter to leak into the oil pan of the air compressor; If the crankshaft rear oil seal is not replaced as soon as possible, it will affect the normal operation of the machine and may also lead to major mechanical accidents. Replacing the crankshaft rear oil seal is a troublesome maintenance task. In the past, we used to use a crane to cooperate, first lifting down the cab with numerous connecting parts, and then replacing the oil seal, which was laborious and time-consuming, and increased the repair cost. Here, Starlight recommends a simple and efficient method that can be successfully completed on the construction site within a day with the cooperation of only four people. The specific methods are as follows:

genset generator

1. Dig a pit with a length of 1.8m, a width of 1.0m, and a depth of 0.9m on a dry flat ground, and then place a wooden board on the pit that can withstand the weight of the torque converter (about 1000 kg).

2. Drive the diesel engine with the oil pan guard removed to the ground generator accessory eehh4xf pit and place it in place. Drain the oil and hydraulic transmission oil in the oil pan and torque converter while it is hot.

3. Fix the 2.0t chain hoist to the instrument rack in the air compressor cab with steel rope or multiple strands of iron wire. After lifting two of the torque converter with the hook, remove the torque converter, drop it onto the pit board, and cover it with a clean shed cloth. At the same time, wrap all overflow valves, safety valves, or hose connections on the machine tightly.

4. After removing the flywheel, the crankshaft rear oil seal can be replaced. When taking out the old oil seal, be careful not to pry and hit violently. If it cannot be removed, use a copper rod to knock the old oil seal inward to the bottom, and install a new oil seal with the lip facing the torque converter on the outside; Due to the wide enough position, two oil seals can be installed back-to-back, which has proven effective in use.

Using the above method to replace the crankshaft rear oil seal can be carried out in any field construction site. However, attention should be paid to selecting a time when the weather is clear and there is no wind or rain, to prevent the invasion of dust and sewage from exacerbating the wear of precision components in the air compressor and hydraulic transmission system. As there is no need to lift down the cab, it also significantly improves the efficiency of the diesel generator set and reduces maintenance costs. During maintenance, the most important thing is to pay attention to the crankshaft, which damages more than half of the generator due to its high cost.

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