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Efficient Maintenance Tips for Diesel Generator Sets

May. 21, 2022

In order to avoid losses caused by power outages, many companies will purchase diesel generator sets as backup power sources. This is indeed a wise choice, which can not only avoid the loss of profits to the company due to power outages, but also ensure that employees can work and commute normally. However, in the process of daily use, it is also necessary to regularly maintain the diesel generator set.

generator maintenance

Tips 1: Check the fuel regularly. During the operation of the diesel generator set, it is very important to regularly check the combustion of the engine fuel. And if you want to extend the life of the diesel generator set, it is recommended that when the diesel generator set is used for the first time, it should be run for 20 hours, then immediately stop running, and replace the new fuel after cooling. From then on, the fuel was changed every 100 hours. If the operating load is large, it is also necessary to appropriately shorten the interval for changing the fuel.

Tips 2: Check spark plugs regularly. In the process of checking the diesel generator set, the spark plug is a part that is easily overlooked. Because spark plugs are an important part of a diesel generator set's running set, if there is a problem with the spark plugs, the diesel generator set is easily at risk of low load. In the process of checking the spark plug, if it is found that the spark plug is aging, it is recommended to replace the spark plug in time and wipe the surrounding parts.

Tips 3: Adhere to the annual inspection of diesel generator sets. If you want to extend the service life of diesel generator sets, you need to insist on annual inspection of diesel generator sets. The annual inspection activities are carried out by professional inspection activities. Many problems can be found through the annual inspection. As long as the problems arising during the annual inspection are solved, the service life of the generator can be extended, and the safety of electricity consumption is also guaranteed.

Tips 4: Regularly check the cooling function of the diesel generator set. If the cooling function of the diesel generator set fails, the diesel generator set will generate a lot of heat during operation, and the heat cannot be dissipated, which will cause irreversible adverse effects on the diesel generator set. In light cases, the internal parts of the diesel generator set will be burned, and in severe cases, it may directly lead to a short circuit or burnout of the equipment to the diesel generator set.

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