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Drying Treatment Method for Diesel Generator Set After Damping

Oct. 14, 2023

Do you know the drying methods for diesel generator sets after damping? If diesel generator sets are used outdoors or do not take appropriate moisture-proof measures, they are prone to dampness in rainy and snowy weather. However, if the unit is not promptly treated due to moisture, it will seriously affect the performance and service life of the diesel generator set. The correct method should be to dry the equipment in a timely manner after wetting. Today, two drying methods will be introduced, the oven (furnace) baking method. If conditions permit, the entire motor (stator and rotor are disassembled) will be gradually heated and baked in the oven (furnace). The oven (furnace) should be ventilated to remove moisture from the motor and sandwiched in the middle. The motor discharges in the inner layer and heats in the outer layer. The temperature of the inner layer should be maintained between 90 and 100, and there should be no open flames, smoke, or other flammable and corrosive gases. Generally, continuous baking is required for 8-18 hours, and the insulation resistance value of the motor can be measured multiple times until it reaches the specified value and stabilizes.

standby genset

After the steady state short-circuit current method is affected with damp, short-circuit the three phases in the outlet box, then raise the generator speed to the test speed and keep it unchanged, then adjust the excitation current, first make the stator short-circuit current reach 50% -70% of the rated current for 4-5 hours, then increase the excitation current, make the short-circuit current reach 80% -100% of the rated value, keep the coil temperature below 85, and measure the coil every 30 minutes. The above two drying methods are commonly used. After the diesel generator set is wet, you can choose different drying methods based on the unit capacity, humidity level, and the company's own conditions. In addition, regardless of the drying method used, it is necessary to wait until the insulation resistance reaches the specified value and stabilizes before stopping drying.

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