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Do Not Place The Generator in a Damp Place

May. 07, 2024

From small portable machines for household use to large diesel generators on construction sites, generators require regular maintenance and inspection. This is because they are often used as emergency or backup power sources, so it is crucial that your generator is always in good condition so that it will not disappoint you when you need it the most.

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Household and commercial generators should be regularly inspected by professional engineers who have received good training in preventive maintenance of generators. However, while it is not advisable for untrained individuals to perform such maintenance themselves, it is also important to understand the content involved in this process.


Regularly clean and remove moisture


This may seem obvious, but one of the most important aspects of preventive maintenance for generators is to ensure machine cleanliness. Dust and debris may accumulate on the generator, especially when used in workshops or construction sites. This will enter the exhaust system and may damage internal components or cause the generator to overheat. Therefore, using compressed air to clean generators can significantly extend their lifespan. In addition, air, fuel, and oil filters should be regularly inspected and cleaned.


Moisture can also cause serious damage to the generator. Experts suggest that the generator should not be placed in areas where moisture is easy to enter. However, even if you protect your generator from rain and humid conditions, moisture will still accumulate in the fuel tank. To solve this problem, engineers may suggest running the generator for two hours every month to remove moisture and ensure that the remaining gasoline is burned instead of left in the fuel tank.


Liquid replacement and exhaust inspection


Although it is recommended not to store gasoline or diesel in the generator, the oil and coolant in the machine should be checked and replaced regularly. More importantly, the exhaust system of your generator should also be regularly maintained, and fuel leaks should be checked and quickly repaired when the generator is running.


Therefore, whether you have a portable generator at home or a diesel generator rented in your workplace, it is important to schedule regular preventive maintenance checks or determine if they are included in your purchase or rental package. However, by becoming familiar with what needs to be maintained, you will better know when your generator needs extra attention.


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