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Disassembly And Assembly Points Of Turbocharger For Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 26, 2022

Diesel generator set is mainly composed of diesel engine, synchronous generator, control panel, supporting electrical control equipment and various auxiliary components. The turbocharger can increase the power of the diesel engine by about 40%, reduce the fuel consumption by about 5.5%, and purify the exhaust gas. Therefore, at present, foreign large and medium-sized diesel engines and some domestic diesel engines are equipped with turbochargers. The turbochargers have high speed and precise parts. Maintenance personnel must be familiar with the relative positions of each part when disassembling or assembling.


I. The decomposition of the turbocharger.

1. Before disassembling the supercharger, maintenance personnel should mark the assembly position on the compressor casing, turbine casing and intermediate casing. Then remove the compressor casing from the intermediate casing, and use two M10 screws to eject the turbine casing from the intermediate casing.


2. Remove the cap nut of the compressor, then use a special tool to remove the compressor impeller and remove the flat key.


3. After removing the rotor set, use two M6 screws to remove the air seal plate and thrust bearing at the compressor end on the middle casing, and remove the thrust plate and thrust plate gasket at the same time.


4. Take out the floating ring and the moving piece at the compressor end and put them in pairs. It is not allowed to put them in the wrong place.


5. Remove the air seal plate and air seal ring at the turbine end in the same way, and use pliers to remove the spring snap ring on the outside of the turbine bearing seat.


6. In the same way, take out the moving piece and floating ring at the turbine end and put them in the order they were removed.


diesel engine

II. Inspection after decomposition.

After cleaning the decomposed parts in gasoline or diesel, check them according to the technical requirements. The contents are as follows:


1. The surfaces of the turbine, impeller, air seal plate, air seal ring, etc. are not allowed to be damaged, and carbon deposits, grease and other debris are not allowed on the surface of each air flow.


2. Floating ring, moving piece, snap ring, oil seal ring, thrust washer and nozzle ring are not allowed to be bent, deformed, burned and broken, otherwise they should be repaired or replaced with new ones.


3. The elasticity, opening clearance and side clearance of the air seal ring and oil seal ring must meet the technical requirements, and must be replaced when the specified limit is exceeded.


III. Assembly.

The assembly of the turbocharger is usually carried out in the reverse order of disassembly, but the following points should be noted:



1. The compressor impeller, turbine and other parts should meet the original balance requirements, and the assembly position is not allowed to be exchanged. If the turbine shaft needs to be replaced, it should be replaced together with the compressor impeller or the dynamic balance should be recalibrated after replacement.


2. When installing the compressor impeller on the main shaft, special tools should be used and the fixing nut should be tightened according to the specified torque. It is not allowed to install the impeller by tapping. During the assembly process, the gap between the compressor impeller and the air seal plate should also be measured. Generally, this value is 0.4-1.2mm, and the axial gap between the turbine and the air seal plate is generally 0.5-2mm.


3. After the general assembly of the consumer product of the turbocharger, vibration and noise are not allowed during the operation of the diesel engine, and there must be no leakage of lubricating oil and air.


The above is the breakdown, inspection and assembly points of the diesel generator set turbocharger organized by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., I hope to help you. The turbocharged engine of diesel generator set has relatively strict requirements on the working environment and maintenance, and great attention must be paid when disassembling, inspecting and assembling it.


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