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Diesel Generator Voltage Regulators and Equipment Regulators

Aug. 16, 2022

When purchasing diesel generators, many buyers must first consider the voltage stability of diesel generators. Because there are many electrical equipments, it requires high voltage stability. Sometimes, customers will confuse the automatic voltage regulation of diesel generators with the voltage regulator of the equipment, thinking that there is a voltage regulator on the diesel generator, and there is no need to install a voltage regulator on the equipment. In fact, this is not correct.

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The diesel generator voltage regulator is a device that provides excitation current to the magnetic field necessary for the generator to generate electricity. It automatically adjusts the generator excitation current according to the generator output voltage to stabilize the generator output voltage and ensure that the voltage emitted by the diesel generator can be within a certain fluctuation range, and the voltage of the normal brushless all-copper generator The fluctuation range is -15% to +20%, and the voltage stabilization time is completed within 3 seconds. It regulates the diesel generator voltage.

The working principle of the automatic AC voltage stabilizer is completely different. It mainly consists of an adjustment circuit, a sampling circuit, a sampling amplifier and a reference circuit. When the input voltage or load changes, the adjustment circuit performs sampling, comparison, amplification, and then Drive the servo motor to rotate, change the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator, and maintain the stability of the output voltage by automatically adjusting the coil turns ratio. The automatic AC voltage stabilizer with larger capacity also works on the principle of voltage compensation.

Automatic AC voltage stabilizer is a power supply circuit or power supply equipment that can automatically adjust the output voltage. The electrical equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage. Therefore, the use of automatic AC voltage stabilizers is essential for electrical equipment, especially high-tech and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements. It is also irreplaceable for voltage regulators on diesel generators.

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