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Diesel Generator Set Paralleling and Grid Connection

Nov. 30, 2022

What is the difference between parallel operation and grid connection of diesel generator set? The following will explain the meaning of parallel operation and grid connection of diesel generator set, and then compare the difference between parallel operation and grid connection of diesel generator set.

diesel generator set

1. Parallel operation of diesel generator set

A set of parallel system to achieve that when the diesel generator set is required to supply power in case of mains power failure, two or more diesel generator sets will automatically parallel and then supply power to the load. When the load load is less than 60% of the rated capacity of a single unit (adjustable), the system will send a "reduction" signal to unload the standby unit and disconnect it for automatic shutdown. If the load is greater than 80% (adjustable) of the rated capacity of a single diesel generator set, the system will automatically send out the "command to increase the capacity", and the standby diesel generator set will automatically start, automatically parallelize after automatic synchronization, and automatically share the active load; The condition for parallel operation is that the instantaneous voltage, frequency and phase of the two units are the same, commonly known as "three simultaneities".

2. Grid connection of diesel generating set

The grid connection of diesel generator sets refers to the way in which the electric energy of diesel generator sets is directly incorporated into local or regional power grids to supply power to the majority of users. At present, this way has not been recognized by the state, and there are few such ways to supply power.

3. Main differences between the two methods

Parallel power supply is a way for users to supply power by themselves, which has nothing to do with the grid. The grid connection of diesel generator sets means that the power of diesel generator sets is supplied to the grid, which requires the approval of the power supply department and the handling of relevant procedures, similar to the current grid connection of photovoltaic power generation.

Parallel operation requires three simultaneities, but grid connection is more complicated, because it is connected to the municipal power grid for power supply at the same time, and the data involved in regulation and detection is more complex.

Parallel power supply has been widely used, and grid connection has rarely been approved.

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