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Diesel Generator Set Oil Delivery Pump Coarse Filter Screen Failure

Sep. 01, 2023

Do you know how to troubleshoot the blockage of the coarse filter screen of the diesel generator set oil delivery pump? The coarse filter screen of the oil delivery pump of the diesel generator set is blocked, causing the problem of poor oil supply to the diesel generator set and troubleshooting. Today, we will give a brief introduction. If a container unloading forklift equipped with a diesel generator set is found, due to the diesel generator set working and stalling, it can only go and stop, resulting in a 20km journey of nearly 5 hours. So based on the fault phenomenon, we preliminarily determine that it is caused by a blockage in the fuel system of the diesel generator set.

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So loosen the vent plug on the fuel injection pump, and when using a hand pump to pump oil or a starter to drive the fuel delivery pump to work, the pressure and oil volume at the vent plug of the fuel injection pump are too small. Remove the oil inlet pipe of the fuel transfer pump and blow air into the tank. The fuel inside the tank makes a loud rumbling sound. Finally, inspect the oil inlet pipe joint of the fuel transfer pump and find that the copper filter screen inside is severely blocked. The diesel generator set used in container unloading forklifts is equipped with a coarse filter screen at the oil inlet of the oil pump. If maintenance is not carried out regularly or the diesel used is not clean, the oil sludge, gum, and other impurities at the filter screen will accumulate, causing blockages in the oil pipeline, causing the diesel generator set to not receive oil or to not receive oil smoothly.

Next, we will remove the hand oil pump, take out the copper filter screen and seat, clean it with diesel, and then burn off the resin on the filter screen with fire. After cleaning, we will install a retest machine, and the diesel generator set will resume normal operation.

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