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Diesel Generator Set Coolant Usage Details Part 2

Nov. 27, 2023

The previous article has already shared with you the four major details that need to be paid attention to during the use of diesel generator coolant: selecting clean soft water, not starting without cooling water, not letting the generator set discharge water at high temperatures, and "boiling" to prevent burns. In this article, Dingbo Power Equipment will continue to share with you other details about the use of diesel generator coolant.

standby generator set

1. The water discharge is about to be completed, and the diesel engine will rotate several times in time and space

When the cooling water stops flowing out, it indicates that the drainage work is about to be completed. The diesel engine starting motor should be used to idle the diesel generator set for a few revolutions, so that the remaining water inside and the water that is not easy to flow out can flow clean due to the vibration of the diesel engine. After the water is drained, the drain switch should be in an open position to prevent the cooling water from temporarily flowing out and causing unnecessary damage to the corresponding components of the diesel engine due to freezing.

2. Check if the water outlet is blocked

When discharging water, it is not advisable to turn on the drain switch and leave it unattended. Instead, it is important to carefully investigate the detailed condition of the water flow around the area, first checking whether the water flow is smooth and whether there is a phenomenon of decreasing or increasing or decreasing water flow. If these conditions occur, it indicates that the cooling water contains impurities that hinder the normal flow of water. The best way to do so is to remove the drain switch and allow the cooling water to flow directly out of the body. If it is found that the water flow is still not smooth, then hard and slender steel objects such as iron wire should be used for dredging at this time until the water flow is smooth.

3. Adding antifreeze in winter

In cold winter, some users may choose to drain the cooling water after the unit stops running and then add water before the next use to avoid freezing and cracking of the engine and radiator. If cold water is added before starting, it is easy to freeze in the water chamber and inlet pipe of the water tank during the water adding process or when the water cannot be started in a timely manner after adding, causing water to not circulate and even causing the radiator and cylinder to crack. Adding antifreeze can avoid the aforementioned freezing phenomenon as much as possible.

4. The antifreeze should be of high quality

At present, the quality of antifreeze on the market varies, with many being shoddy. If the antifreeze does not contain preservatives, it will seriously corrode the engine cylinder head, water jacket, radiator, water blocking ring, rubber parts and other components, and generate a large amount of scale, which will cause poor engine heat dissipation and cause overheating failure of the diesel generator set. Therefore, it is necessary to choose products from legitimate diesel generator manufacturers.

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