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Deformation of Diesel Generator Set Filter

Oct. 14, 2023

During the test run of the diesel generator set after major maintenance, it was found that the lubricating oil pressure was low under both rapid and full speed operating conditions. When adjusting the oil pressure regulating valve, the pressure did not change much. What is the cause of this abnormality?

diesel generator set

Due to the inspection and careful cleaning of the oil pump, radiator, oil filter, oil cooler, and oil passages during the overhaul of the diesel generator set, tests were also conducted on the bypass valve, pressure regulating valve, and thermostat, all of which were functioning normally. Moreover, the fit spacing between connecting rod bearing shells and journal components is also within the tolerance range, so the faults of the above components are basically eliminated. After checking the engine oil pressure sensor and pressure gauge, and tightening the wiring, the fault was not resolved during the startup inspection. However, it was found that the lubricating oil gushed out less at the connection between the engine oil pressure sensor and the engine body after it was loosened. Therefore, the fault may be due to insufficient oil suction from the oil pump or severe leakage in the lubricating oil duct.

Based on the above analysis, first inspect the diesel generator set filter. After removing the oil pan and taking out the filter, it was found that the filter screen was flattened, and the corresponding parts of the oil pan and filter screen were severely deformed. This is obviously due to the collision of the oil pan and the depression caused by the lifting machine. After the filter screen was deformed, the oil pump sucked in too little oil, resulting in low lubricating oil pressure.

In summary, it is recommended to replace the filter screen of the diesel generator set for Dingbo Power Generation Equipment, and eliminate the fault by flattening the oil pan.

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