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Damaged Starting Mode of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 07, 2023

The first is the dry start or the sudden addition of boiling water. If there is no cooling water after the diesel generator set starts, the temperature of the cylinder assembly, cylinder head, engine block and other parts will rise sharply. At this time, adding cooling water will cause the hot cylinder liner, cylinder head and other important parts to burst or deform due to sudden cooling. However, if you suddenly add about 100 ℃ boiling water to the cold engine block before starting, the cylinder head, engine block, cylinder liner and other parts will also crack, It should be added when the water temperature drops to 60-70 ℃. Secondly, increase the throttle to start the diesel generator set, and do not fill the fuel valve when starting the diesel generator set. Generally, it is enough to put the throttle on the idle position, but many people sharply increase the throttle before or during the startup in order to make the Diesel generator start quickly. The harm of this approach is: (1) wasting fuel, as excess diesel will wash away the cylinder wall, worsening the lubrication between the piston, piston ring, and cylinder liner and exacerbating wear. The residual oil flowing into the oil pan will dilute the engine oil and reduce the lubrication effect. Excessive combustion of diesel in the cylinder can lead to the formation of carbon deposits. (2) After the diesel generator set is started with high throttle, the speed may rise quickly, which will cause greater damage to moving parts (increase wear or cause cylinder scuffing and other failures).

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There are also strong cold trailer starting. When the diesel generator set is cold and the oil viscosity is high, the forced trailer starting will aggravate the wear between the moving parts of the diesel generator set, thus reducing the service life of the diesel generator set. Then the intake pipe is ignited and started. If it is ignited and started at the intake pipe of the diesel generator set, the ash and hard sundries generated by material combustion will be sucked into the cylinder, which is easy to cause the inlet and exhaust valves to be loosely closed and the cylinder will be pulled. Continue to use glow plugs or flame preheaters for extended periods of time. The heating element of the glow plug or flame preheater is an electric heating wire, which consumes a lot of electricity and generates a lot of heat. Long term use can damage the battery due to rapid discharge, and can also burn out the electric heating wire. Therefore, the continuous use time of the glow plug should not exceed 1 minute, and the continuous use time of the flame preheater should be controlled within 30 seconds.

Finally, the engine oil is directly added to the cylinder. Although the engine oil is added to the cylinder, it can play the role of sealing, pressurization and warming, and facilitate the cold start of the diesel generator set, the engine oil can not be completely burned, which is easy to produce carbon deposits, weakening the elasticity of the piston ring, and reducing the sealing performance of the cylinder. In addition, it will also accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, which will lead to the reduction of power of diesel generator set, making it more difficult to start, so the engine oil cannot be directly added to the cylinder. For example, if gasoline is directly injected into the intake pipe, the ignition point of gasoline is lower than that of diesel and it burns before diesel. Therefore, directly pouring gasoline into the intake pipe will make the diesel generator set work roughly and produce a strong cylinder knock phenomenon. In serious cases, the diesel generator set can also reverse.

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