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Damage Methods of Diesel Generator Accessories

Sep. 08, 2023

When repairing and maintaining diesel generators, it is often necessary to replace some damaged parts in a timely manner to prevent affecting the normal operation of the diesel generator. So what are the main reasons for the damage to diesel generator accessories? Dingbo Power Generation Equipment has summarized the following reasons for analyzing the common damage modes of unit accessories, including wear, deformation, fatigue fracture, and corrosion.

generator parts

1. Mechanical wear between accessories

The wear here refers to the phenomenon where the surfaces of diesel generator accessories come into contact with each other and move relative to each other, resulting in gradual loss of the accessories from one surface and surface damage. Generally, wear can be divided into four categories based on the surface damage mechanism and characteristics of the accessories: abrasive wear, adhesive wear, surface fatigue wear, and corrosion wear.

2. Self deformation of unit accessories

When a diesel generator is in operation, the phenomenon of deformation of the components, especially the deformation of basic components such as the cylinder block and cylinder head, is called deformation of the components due to the force acting on them. This seriously affects the performance of the corresponding assembly and the service life of the diesel generator, and studies the mechanism of component deformation and its influencing factors, It is of great significance to prevent deformation of accessories and repair deformed parts.

3. Fatigue fracture of unit accessories

Fatigue fracture of accessories refers to the fracture phenomenon that occurs after repeated stress or energy load cycles.

4. The accessories are corroded and damaged

The components of the unit are damaged due to corrosive gas or liquid corrosion, or the diesel generator is working in a corrosive environment, resulting in corrosion damage to the components.

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