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Daewoo Generator Set Cannot Start Due to Wiring Harness Issues

Apr. 17, 2023

Wire harness is a collective term for electronic leads and terminal wires after production and processing, used to connect and transmit signals between electrical equipment and power supply. Connecting circuit boards and control panels is the most common function. Most of the Daewoo power generation units in South Korea are equipped with automated start control systems, and damage or detachment of the wiring harness can lead to unsuccessful and unable start.

Daewoo diesel generator

Firstly, confirm that the ECU of the Korean Daewoo generator set has started working. The method is to use the key switch to power on the ECU, and the diagnostic light and cold start light will flash and then turn off, indicating that the ECU is performing a self check and starting to work. The wiring harness provides the overall service equipment for a certain load source group, such as relay lines, switching devices, control systems, etc. Therefore, wiring harness is an important basic concept.

1. The starting relay of the Korean Daewoo generator set is controlled by the ECU:

Check the data, and refer to the attachment "Start" for relevant calibration quantities. After confirming that the calibration value is correct, check the neutral switch, i.e. GearCD stN. If the value is 0, it indicates that it is not in neutral and the data to be checked is correct. After the data is correct, you can try using emergency start. If the starter is activated, start checking the neutral wiring. In addition, it is necessary to detect the signal of T50, T50CD stDebVal. If it does not change to 1 during startup, the circuit needs to be checked.

2. The starting relay of the Korean Daewoo generator set is not controlled by the ECU:

If the starter can operate but still cannot start, the synchronization signal EngM-stSync needs to be determined first. If this value shows 48 during the starting process, it proves that the synchronization signal is correct. The main reason for the inability to start is that the rail pressure cannot be established, and there is a leak in the low-pressure oil circuit. It is necessary to check whether the oil circuit meets our requirements and exhaust the oil circuit. If 48 does not appear and a related synchronization error is reported, search for the crankshaft and camshaft signal sensors to identify the cause, such as the absence of machining holes on the flywheel or incorrect pairing phase relationship between the two. At this point, one of the sensors can also be unplugged and tried to start.

The above content is organized by Starlight Power Equipment for everyone regarding the malfunction of the Daewoo generator set in South Korea that cannot be started due to wiring harness issues. If you encounter the above situation, please investigate the above reasons in order to find the most suitable solution and quickly restore the best working state of the Daewoo generator set in South Korea.

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