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Cummins Diesel Generator Set Crankshaft Bearing Melting

Sep. 26, 2023

Do you know what fault is caused by the burning of crankshaft bearings in Cummins diesel generator sets? Insufficient lubricating oil pressure prevents lubricating oil from squeezing between the shaft and bearings, causing them to be in a semi dry or dry friction state, resulting in an increase in bearing temperature and melting of the wear reducing alloy. The lubricating oil passage, oil filter, and oil coarse filter are blocked by dirt, and the bypass valve on the coarse filter cannot be opened (the valve spring preload is too large or the spring and ball valve are stuck by dirt, etc.), resulting in a interruption of lubricating oil supply.

diesel generating set

The clearance between the shaft and the bearing is too small to form an oil film, or the bearing is too short without interference with the bearing seat hole, causing the bearing to rotate in the seat hole, blocking the oil passage hole on the bearing seat hole and interrupting the lubricating oil supply. The roundness of the crankshaft journal is out of tolerance, and during the lubrication process, it is difficult to form a certain oil film due to the journal not being round (when the bearing clearance is large or small, the oil film is thick or thin), resulting in poor lubrication.

Due to body deformation or bearing machining errors, or due to crankshaft bending, the centerline of each main bearing does not coincide, resulting in uneven oil film thickness of each bearing during crankshaft rotation and even turning into a dry friction state, resulting in bearing melting. The amount of lubricating oil in the oil pan is insufficient and the oil temperature is too high, or the lubricating oil is diluted with water or gasoline, or inferior or brand different lubricating oil is used. Poor adhesion between the back of the bearing and the bearing seat hole or copper sheet padding, resulting in poor heat dissipation. The instantaneous overspeed of the engine, such as the "speeding" of a diesel engine, is also one of the reasons for burning bearings.

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