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Connection Mode of Bar Joint of Generator Set

Feb. 03, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the connection methods of the bar joint of the generator set.

The generator set bar bar is placed into the stator core slot in the form of a single bar. Therefore, the bar must have a good electrical connection before it can be connected into an electrical circuit. At present, there are two main connection methods for the bar joint of large hydro-generator set according to the different brazing solder used for the joint: tin welding and silver brazing. The method of tin welding is to first cover the joint of two wire rods with copper and then wedge them tightly. After shaping, the whole is heated and filled with solder to form a good electrical connection. Since the liquidus of solder is relatively low, generally 183~264%, the temperature rise is limited to a certain extent, and the current through the joint cannot be too large.

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At present, there are two main methods of silver brazing: butt joint and lap joint. First, copper connection joints are welded on each wire rod. The joints of the upper and lower layers of wire rods that need to be connected have been close together after the completion of offline (in the past, the wire rods were not designed with connection joints, but with connecting plates; the earlier method of direct butt joint between the strands of wire rods and the strands of wire rods has been eliminated). Clamp the silver solder on the two contact surfaces, and then heat it to melt the silver solder, so as to achieve good contact between the two joints. As the melting point temperature of silver-based brazing solder is generally higher than 600%, the allowable temperature rise of the joint is high, and the flow capacity is strong, which is widely used in the connection of stator joints of large-capacity generator sets.

Due to the water path and circuit of the wire rod of the water-cooled generator set, the water joint and the electric joint of the wire rod need to be connected separately. The connection method of the electric joint is similar to that of the copper joint of the common wire rod. The water connection is to draw out the water conduit in the bar, which has been made into a separate water connection in the manufacturing plant, and only needs to be drawn out on site. Therefore, in the installation and maintenance of the generator set, its connection is simpler than the electrical connection, but its technical difficulty and process requirements are far above the electrical connection.

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