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Compressed Air Starting System of Distributor for Generator Set

Dec. 26, 2022

The compressed air starting system of the air distributor for the generator unit is composed of a pull compressor, a gas cylinder, a starting control valve, a starting valve, an air distributor, an air charging valve, a safety valve, etc.

(1) When the diesel engine starts in the process of compressed air starting, open the start switch on the air cylinder. The compressed air in the air cylinder is introduced to the diesel engine cylinder through the start control valve to the air distributor. To facilitate starting and save compressed air, manually rotate the crankshaft before starting to make the piston of any cylinder at 10 °~15 ° after TDC (there is a mark on the rim of the flywheel), and then open the starting control valve to make the compressed air enter each cylinder corresponding to the distributor to push the piston downward, so as to enter the starting process. Pull off the accelerator for 1/2~1/3. When you hear an explosive sound in the cylinder of the diesel engine, quickly close the starting switch and the starting valve of the air cylinder, and the diesel engine will run at a low speed. At this time, it is necessary to inflate the air cylinder for the next start. Open the oil return bolt of the first cylinder injector and the inflation valve on the air cylinder, and then open the inflation valve rod on the first cylinder head for inflation. When the pressure on the air cylinder reaches (2450~2940) kPa, close all valves and switches of the inflation pipeline, and then tighten the fuel return bolt of the injector to make the first cylinder run.

generator set

(2) Structure of compressed air bottle. There are many valves at the head, and the large valve in the middle is the starting valve. Open this valve, and high-pressure air can be sent out from the outlet on the right. Open the decontamination valve, and dirt such as water and oil can be removed through the decontamination pipe. Open the charging valve, and fresh compressed air can be charged into the compressed air bottle through this valve. The function of the safety valve on the compressed air cylinder is to prevent danger when the inflation pressure in the gas cylinder is too high. The safety valve is tightly pressed on the valve seat by the spring through the spring seat. After the pressure is adjusted to 2940kPa (30kgf/cm2), it is sealed with lead seal. It is not allowed to disassemble and adjust arbitrarily. When the pressure in the bottle exceeds 29kPa, the safety valve will open automatically, and the air will be flushed out of the compressed air bottle, so that the pressure in the bottle can be reduced to prevent explosion accidents.

(3) The function of the air distributor is to regularly distribute the pressure pool air to the corresponding cylinder starting valve according to the working order of the diesel engine. Diesel engine air distributor. There are six air outlet pipes on the outer circle of the distributor body, and the sub pairs are connected with the starting air pipes of the six cylinders. The rotating shaft 5 is supported on the sleeve in the middle of the distribution body, with its front part split, and its rear end driven by the axle through the cross joint. The end face of the distribution disk is provided with a oblong hole. When starting, the compressed air is introduced into the distributor from the intake air. Under the action of air pressure, the distribution plate is close to the distributor body. The distribution plate is driven by the camshaft to make the long hole connect with the six air outlet pipes in turn, and the compressed air is sent to the cylinder starting valve regularly according to the working sequence.

(4) Start control The start control valve is also used to start the switch, which is installed between the air storage cylinder and the air distributor. It is used to connect and cut off the passage of compressed air when starting. When starting, press the button of the control valve, the valve leaves the valve seat, and the compressed air enters the air distributor. After the button is released, the valve plate returns to its original position under the action of spring and air pressure, and the air passage is cut off.

(5) The starting valve is a one-way valve, which is installed on the cylinder head. When the diesel engine starts, compressed air will be introduced into the cylinder. When the diesel engine is running, the cylinder will be automatically sealed, and the gas in the cylinder will not flow out of the cylinder. During startup, the high-pressure air sent from the air distributor through the air pipe overcomes the spring force on the startup valve and opens the valve of the startup valve to enter the cylinder. When the compressed air passage is cut off, the valve will close under the action of spring force.

(6) The charging valve on the cylinder head, also known as the air intake valve, is installed on the first cylinder head. It is a control valve used to charge the gas storage cylinder.

When inflating, first open the vent oil return bolt on the fuel injector of the generator set, stop supplying oil to the cylinder, and then turn the handle to open the inflation valve rod on the first cylinder head to inflate the cylinder. When the pressure on the gas cylinder reaches (2450~2940) kPa, stop inflating and close the valve of the air charging valve.

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