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Comprehensive Troubleshooting of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

Mar. 03, 2023

When the diesel generator sets run them, once the high-pressure oil pump fails, it is difficult to judge and intuitively. In order to make some technical basis suitable for beginners and who can improve the block times, so as to quickly, accurately and effectively eliminate the failure, five methods are specially introduced to solve the problem quickly.

diesel generator set

1. Hearing method: diesel engine, idling can touch the syringe at the "hearing rash device" (not with the patient's doctor, but with a big screw), listen to their voice to change differences. If there is a big gong and drum, it means that too much oil or fuel is injected too early, and there is no knock on the door, but only "good", which is not only a sound line, but also shows that the oil quantity is too small or the injection time is too late.

2. Temperature method: After the diesel engine is started, run for 10 minutes for the first time, and then touch the temperature of exhaust pipe of each cylinder. If the temperature of exhaust pipe of each cylinder is higher than that of other cylinders, the fuel tank may be too large. If the temperature is lower than that of other cylinders, it indicates that the cylinder is in good operation and the oil supply may be too small.

3. Pulse method: when operating the diesel engine, feel the pulse of the high-pressure fuel pipe when pressing the high-pressure fuel pipe of the cylinder. If the pulse is large, it indicates that the fuel supply of the pulse cylinder is too large, but it indicates that the fuel supply of the cylinder is too small.

4. Cut the petroleum method: 1. After that, the normal working temperature of the diesel engine idled, and then cut off the asphalt from the high-pressure pipes of one cylinder after another to spray the oil outside. When the cylinder is cut, however, the engine speed and sound should be obviously changed. In the case of change, the cylinder is normally reflected in the work efficiency of non-governmental organizations. This method can also be used to determine the diesel black smoke fault. When the smoke of the cylinder is cut off and disappears, the oil pipeline indicates that the atomization of the cylinder injector is poor or stays.

5. Method to check the color: For a normal diesel engine exhaust emission, the color should be light gray, and the load will increase when working in dark gray. If the engine exhaust smoke, white smoke or blue smoke at that time, it indicates that the engine fuel system has different errors. If it is a black smoke mixture, it indicates that the diesel fuel has not been completely burnt (due to blocking the air filter, the fuel is too late, etc., it is not stated); If the risk is that there is water in the white smoke or cold diesel engine, or there is no burning mixture at all, if there is continuous blue smoke, it means that the oil enters the cylinder to burn oil.

In short, the above five methods to determine the fault plus the use of integration are better. Of course, diesel engine accessories to determine the specific failure also need to be considered comprehensively. For example, if a cylinder is broken, the operation of the high-pressure oil circuit should check whether there is congestion, whether there is air mixture, and whether the appropriate valve clearance and many other factors are no longer described by the judge. The flexible application of the above methods can play a better role.

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