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Composition Of The Whole System Of Variable Frequency DC Generator Set

Dec. 24, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: Do you know which systems are composed of variable frequency DC generator sets? The variable frequency DC generator consists of an engine, a permanent magnet synchronous motor and a control module. The variable-frequency engine converts the mechanical power into a power supply with variable frequency and voltage, and outputs stable constant voltage DC through PWM boost rectifier link. Even under the condition of nonlinear load and unbalanced load, it can also output a continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply. Now let's take a look at the overall scheme of the system that constitutes the variable frequency DC generator set.


(1) Engine.

The engine can automatically adjust the speed according to the load. The speed shall not exceed 3000r/min, and the speed regulation range shall not be less than 1200r/min. The output power of the engine is linear with the speed.


Generator efficiency and DC power rectification efficiency shall be fully considered in the selection of motor power. Within the range of normal engine operating speed, the resonance between engine speed and the overall structure should be considered to avoid or reduce the vibration intensity.


Under normal operation, the engine operation and maintenance interval shall not be less than 200h, that is, the replacement interval of engine oil and various filters shall not be less than 200h.


the engine

(2) Generator.

The generator adopts multi-stage rare earth permanent magnet generator. The rotor is brushless, bearingless, naturally ventilated and integrated with the engine (directly fixed at one end of the crankshaft). The stator adopts multi pole and multi voltage winding structure. After the rotor of the generator rotates with the engine crankshaft, it outputs single-phase or three-phase medium frequency AC at the stator side. The output AC voltage range is 90~290V, and the frequency range is usually 200-1000H2. The permanent magnet generator shall avoid electromagnetic whistling and ensure that there is no sharp whistling within the operating speed range of the unit.


(3) Control system.

The controller adopts DC12V DC power supply, and the power supply range is DC9~36V. When the generator set is in standby state, it shall be in automatic state and wait for the dry contact starting signal of the remote control center. The generator set is in the automatic state. After receiving the start command, the generator set will start automatically after a delay.


(4) High frequency switching power supply system.

The switching rectifier is mainly composed of input filter circuit, rectifier circuit, PFC marginal power factor correction circuit, PWM high-frequency switch DC-DC conversion circuit, soft start circuit, detection control and state detection, intelligent communication interface, output rectifier filter circuit, etc.


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