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Composition of Ricardo Diesel Generator Set Fuel Pump

Sep. 27, 2022

The fuel pump is an important part of the fuel supply system of the Ricardo diesel generator set. Today, Jiangsu Starlight Power Generation Equipment will explain the function and structural principle of the fuel pump of the diesel generator. The following are some points of sorting and analysis, in order to improve everyone's understanding of the fuel pump in the fuel supply system of Ricardo diesel generator sets.

Ricardo diesel generator

1. The role of the oil pump

The function of the fuel transfer pump is to ensure that the diesel oil circulates in the low-pressure oil circuit, and to ensure that a certain amount and pressure of diesel oil are delivered to the fuel injection pump through the diesel hose and the diesel filter. There are many structural forms of the oil transfer pump, and the common one is the piston type. Skateboard type and rotor type, etc. Small and medium-sized high-speed diesel engines often use piston-type and sliding-vane fuel-transfer pumps, and rotor-type fuel-transfer pumps are generally installed on distribution-type fuel injection pumps.

2. The structure of the piston oil pump

Piston type fuel pump The fuel pump is driven by the eccentric wheel on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump and forms a whole with the fuel injection pump. Piston type oil pump is mainly composed of hand oil pump, piston assembly, pump body, oil inlet hole, oil inlet valve, oil outlet hole, oil outlet valve and other parts.

The pump body of the oil transfer pump is equipped with a piston, one side of the piston is equipped with a piston spring, the outer side of the piston spring is a piston spring tight seat, and a push rod, a push rod spring and a roller tappet are installed on the inner side of the piston, and the push rod spring Keep the roller of the tappet in contact with the eccentric on the camshaft of the fuel injection pump. The pump body is equipped with an oil inlet valve and an oil outlet valve, both of which are in and out, and an inlet and outlet valve springs are installed on the upper part of the oil valve. There is a hand oil pump assembly above the oil inlet valve spring, which mainly consists of a pump body, a hand oil pump piston, a hand oil pump rod and a button.

There are two functions of the hand pump: one is to ensure that the low-pressure oil circuit is filled with diesel before the diesel engine is started; the other is to discharge the air inside the low-pressure oil circuit to prevent the engine from rotating unstable after it is started.

3. The working principle of the oil pump

(1) Preparation for oil pressure process: With the rotation of the camshaft of the fuel injection pump, the eccentric wheel pushes the roller, the push rod and the piston to move outward, and the oil pressure of the pump chamber I increases due to the decrease of the volume. The oil outlet valve, the diesel oil flows from the pump chamber I to the pump chamber II through the oil outlet valve.

(2) Oil suction and oil pressure stroke: when the raised part of the eccentric wheel turns away from the roller, the piston moves inward under the action of the spring, the oil pressure in the pump chamber II increases, the oil outlet valve is closed, and the diesel oil flows through the oil passage to the oil filter device. At this time, the volume of the pump chamber I becomes larger, the pressure drops, the oil inlet valve 3 is sucked open, and the diesel oil flows into the pump chamber I through the oil inlet port and the oil inlet valve.

(3) Automatic adjustment of oil delivery: the amount of oil delivery depends on the stroke of the piston; the oil delivery pressure depends on the tension of the piston spring. When the stroke of the piston is equal to the eccentric distance of the eccentric, the oil delivery is the largest. When the amount of oil required by the fuel injection pump decreases, the oil pressure in the pump chamber II will increase accordingly, and an idle stroke is generated between the push rod and the piston, that is, the effective stroke of the piston is reduced, and the output oil volume is reduced. When the fuel consumption increases, the effective stroke increases. In this way, the automatic adjustment of oil delivery volume and oil delivery pressure is realized.

(4) Hand pump oil: Pull the hand oil pump piston to suck oil and press oil.

The above content is the analysis of the function and structural principle of the fuel pump in the fuel supply system of the Ricardo diesel generator set, hoping to be helpful to the majority of users. If you would like to get more information welcome to contact us via sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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