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Composition of Diesel Generator Set Turbine

Feb. 24, 2023

The role of diesel generator set turbine is to convert the energy possessed by exhaust gas into mechanical work of turbine rotation as much as possible. Radial turbine is mainly composed of inlet volute, nozzle ring, working wheel and outlet port.

disel generator

Exhaust gas flows from the outer edge of the working wheel rotor through the intake volute, and flows out axially from the turbine center after work. The function of the intake volute is to guide the exhaust of the engine evenly into the turbine. According to the requirements of the supercharging system, the volute can have multiple air inlets. Because the exhaust of the engine has a certain pressure, temperature and speed, it flows directly into the nozzle ring after passing through the intake volute.

The nozzle ring is a plurality of tapered channels composed of blades installed uniformly in the circumferential direction and with a certain inclination. When the air flows through the nozzle ring, part of the pressure can be converted into kinetic energy, the gas is accelerated and the pressure and temperature drop, and has a strong directionality, which is convenient for evenly and orderly flowing into the working wheel of the turbine. In the working wheel, the gas flows centripetally, the channel between the blades on the working wheel is gradually shrinking, and the gas will continue to expand in the channel.

The air flow turns under the guidance of the working wheel blade, and the pressure on the concave surface of the blade surface is increased due to the centrifugal force, while the pressure on the convex surface is reduced. The resultant force of the pressure acting on the blade surface produces torque. At this time, the pressure, temperature and speed at the outlet of the working wheel drop, and the gas velocity at the outlet is much lower than the inlet velocity, which means that most of the kinetic energy obtained by the expansion of exhaust gas in the nozzle has been transferred to the working wheel.

During the working process of the exhaust turbine, the exhaust gas with certain kinetic energy and pressure energy is only partially accelerated in the nozzle ring channel, and most of it is converted into mechanical work when passing through the working wheel to drive the compressor diesel generator set.

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