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Composition of Cummins Generator Nozzle Ring

Jun. 21, 2023

The compressor on the left side of the Cummins generator and the exhaust turbine on the right side are coaxial. The inlet end of the turbine is connected to the exhaust pipe of the cylinder, and the exhaust end is connected to the exhaust port of the Cummins generator diesel engine. The air inlet end of the compressor is connected to the air filter at the air inlet of the diesel engine of the Cummins generator, and the exhaust end of the Cummins generator is connected to the air inlet pipe of the cylinder. The exhaust turbine is composed of a volute, a nozzle ring and a working impeller.

Cummins 800 kw generator

The nozzle ring of Cummins generator is composed of inner ring, outer ring and nozzle blades. The channel formed by the nozzle blades of Cummins generator shrinks from the inlet to the outlet. The working impeller is composed of a turntable and an impeller. The working blade is fixed on the outer edge of the turntable. Cummins generator nozzle ring and adjacent working impeller form a "stage". Only one stage turbine is called single-stage turbine, and most turbochargers use single-stage turbine. When the Cummins generator works, the exhaust gas enters the nozzle ring through the exhaust pipe under a certain pressure and temperature.

As the area of the nozzle ring channel of the Cummins generator gradually decreases, the exhaust velocity in the nozzle ring increases, and the high-speed exhaust gas discharged from the nozzle enters the flow channel of the impeller blade, forcing the airflow to turn. Due to the centrifugal force of the Cummins generator, the air pressure acts on the concave convex surface of the blade, causing the pressure difference on the concave convex surface of the Cummins generator blade. The resultant force of the pressure difference on all blades produces an impact torque on the shaft, causing the Cummins generator impeller to rotate in the direction of torque. The exhaust gas discharged from the impeller is discharged from the exhaust port through the turbine center.

The compressor is mainly composed of air inlet, working impeller, diffuser and volute. The compressor is coaxial with the exhaust turbine and driven by the exhaust turbine of Cummins generator, which makes the working turbine of Cummins generator rotate at high speed. Usually composed of a front curved guide wheel and a semi open working wheel, respectively installed on the rotating shaft, with straight blades arranged radially along the working wheel, forming an expanding airflow channel between the blades. Due to the rotation of the working wheel of the Cummins generator, the intake air is compressed by centrifugal force. When the air is thrown to the outer edge of the working wheel, the pressure, temperature and speed will increase. The kinetic energy of air is converted into pressure energy through diffusion of Cummins generator. In the exhaust volute of Cummins generator, the kinetic energy of air is gradually converted into pressure energy, and the compressor can significantly increase the air intake density of Cummins generator.

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