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Composition and Working Principle of Negative Reluctance Generator

Sep. 22, 2022

In recent years, the performance of negative magnetic generators has been continuously improved through research and technology research and development. At present, the generator of negative magnetic group can make its performance comparable to that of other types of generators in a large power range, and has a wide range of applications. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will give you a detailed description of the composition and working principle of the negative magnetic generator.

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Negative reluctance generators are very different from conventional generators in structure. Conventional generators are mainly composed of rotor and stator; while negative reluctance generators are composed of inner stator, magnetic chopper, outer stator, rectifier, It is composed of energy storage inductors, pulse transformers and other mechanisms. In addition, the magnetic circuit directions of the two generators are also different. The magnetic circuit directions of conventional generators are mostly radial or circumferential, while the magnetic circuit directions of negative reluctance generators are generally axial.

The rotor of the negative reluctance generator is a magnetic chopper, which is composed of a special superconducting magnetic material (newly developed material), which has a strong magnetic shielding effect. When the chopper rotates at high speed between the inner stator and the outer stator, the magnetic flux induced by the inner stator to the magnetic poles of the outer stator will change from static magnetic flux to pulsed magnetic flux, so pulsed induction will be generated in the armature coil of the outer stator. current. Because the outer stator armature is designed with N multi-poles, when the chopper blocks each stage of the armature in turn, the magnetic flux in the armature will have a change process from more to less. When there is little change, the magnetic field direction of the induced current is the same as that of the original magnetic field (inner stator magnetic field). When the magnetic field direction of the induced current is the same as the magnetic field direction of the inner stator, a repulsive force will be generated on the chopper; the armature circuit is designed as a pure inductive circuit, so the induced current will lag behind the induced electromotive force by 90°. Because the induced electromotive force is generated immediately when the chopper begins to block the armature poles, it is necessary to make the induced current lag behind, that is, to make its repulsion only act on the trailing edge of the chopper; therefore, the high-speed rotation of the chopper will The constant and stable magnetic field of the inner stator is chopped into a pulsed magnetic flux; the pulsed magnetic flux generates a pulsed induced current in the armature coil of the outer stator; the magnetic field of the induced current produces a repulsive force on the magnetic chopper, thereby promoting the continuous operation of the magnetic chopper.

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