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Components of Diesel Engine Plunger High Pressure Oil Pump 2

Jan. 16, 2024

We would have continued to introduce the components of the diesel engine plunger high-pressure oil pump in the previous article. The following content is about the fuel supply adjustment mechanism, driving mechanism, and fuel injection pump body of the plunger type fuel injection pump.

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2. Fuel supply adjustment mechanism. The function of the fuel injection pump fuel supply adjustment mechanism is to change the circulating fuel supply by rotating the plunger according to the changes in diesel engine load. The fuel supply adjustment mechanism can be directly operated by the driver or automatically controlled by the speed controller.

3. Drive mechanism. The driving mechanism of the fuel injection pump includes a camshaft and a follower assembly. The front and rear ends of the camshaft are supported on the fuel injection pump body through rolling bearings. The number of camshafts on the camshaft is the same as the number of plunger pairs in the fuel injection pump, and the angle between each cam is related to the number of cylinders in the matching diesel engine and adapted to the working sequence of the cylinders. The camshaft is generally driven by a crankshaft timing gear, and the camshaft speed of a four stroke diesel engine fuel injection pump is half of the crankshaft speed, in order to supply oil to each cylinder within one revolution of the camshaft. The pillar components are installed in the pillar holes on the fuel injection pump body.

4. Fuel injection pump body. The pump body is the basic component of the fuel injection pump, and the pump oil mechanism, fuel supply adjustment mechanism, and driving mechanism are all installed on the fuel injection pump body, which bears a large force during operation. Therefore, the pump body should have sufficient strength, stiffness, and good sealing. In addition, it should be easy to disassemble, adjust, and repair.

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