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Common Working Terms for Diesel Engine Cylinders

Dec. 04, 2023

The cylinder of the diesel engine is used to ensure that the four strokes of suction, compression, explosion, and exhaust work continuously in a straight reciprocating motion, providing a ignition point for diesel to ignite and force the piston in the cylinder to move in a straight line, providing torque to the crankshaft, and then relying on the inertia of the flywheel to force the piston to compress and increase the temperature in the cylinder, and cycling back and forth.

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The commonly used cylinder terms for diesel engines include top dead center, bottom dead center, piston stroke, crank radius, cylinder diameter, number of cylinders, working cycle, and so on.

The commonly used cylinder terms for diesel engines are as follows:

1. Top dead center: When the piston moves back and forth in a straight line in a cylinder, when it reaches its highest position, that is, the limit position at which the top of the piston is farthest from the center of crankshaft rotation, it is called top dead center (TDC).

2. Bottom dead center: When the piston moves back and forth in a straight line in a cylinder, it reaches its lowest position, which is the limit position closest to the crankshaft rotation center at the top of the piston, and is called the bottom dead center (BOC).

3. Piston stroke: The distance that a piston moves from one dead center to another, i.e. the distance between the top and bottom dead centers, is called piston stroke or stroke, represented by S. Corresponding to a piston stroke, the crankshaft rotates 180 degrees.

4. Crank radius: The distance between the center of crankshaft rotation and the center of the crankshaft pin is called the crank radius, usually represented by R. Usually, the piston stroke is twice the radius of the crankshaft, i.e. S=2R, in millimeters.

5. Cylinder diameter: The diameter of the inner circle of the diesel engine cylinder liner, usually represented by D, in millimeters. The larger the cylinder diameter, the greater the single cylinder power of a diesel engine.

6. Number of cylinders: The number of cylinders that a single diesel engine has, represented by i. The more cylinders there are, the greater the overall power of a diesel engine.

7. Work cycle: The conversion of thermal and mechanical energy in a diesel engine is achieved through the piston working in the cylinder, continuously performing four processes: intake, compression, expansion, and exhaust. Each process carried out by a diesel engine is called a working cycle.

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