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Common Measuring Tools for Generator Maintenance

Apr. 10, 2023

During generator maintenance, it is necessary to frequently measure the size of parts and the fit clearance between parts. Therefore, the correct use of measuring tools for accurate measurement will directly affect the quality and time of maintenance. Therefore, Starlight Power Generation Equipment believes that as a generator maintenance technician, it is necessary to master the correct use of various measuring tools. Frequently used gauges include: steel ruler, vernier caliper, micrometer, cylinder gauge, thickness gauge, and cylinder pressure gauge. Today, Starlight Power Generation Equipment introduces the steel ruler, a commonly used measuring tool for generator maintenance.

generator maintenance

The generator set steel ruler, also known as a straight steel ruler or steel ruler, is a common tool for measuring the size, shape, and position of various components, with an accuracy of generally 0.5 mm. Steel ruler is usually made of stainless steel plate with a thickness of 1mm and a width of 25mm. One end of the ruler has a straight edge, called the working end edge; The other end of the ruler has a small hole for hanging, with lengths of 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 1000 mm, and 1500 mm.

When using a generator steel ruler, the working end can be pressed against the step of the workpiece, and the readings can be taken after being placed upright. If there are no reliable and tight steps on the workpiece, the flat surface of a flat iron block can be used as the step. If the working end of the steel ruler is worn and the "0" line is not reading correctly, in order to make the measured size accurate, it is usually necessary to leave a length of 10mm at its end, using the second integer as the starting point, and then subtracting 10mm from the measured reading to obtain the actual size measured.

In addition to measuring the length, the "elevation" of the steel ruler can also be used to check whether the cylinder head plane of the generator is deformed and whether the motor iron core or the bound weft free belt is higher than the specified value. When measuring the length of a cylindrical shape, a steel ruler should be placed vertically on the workpiece, and the generator steel ruler should be parallel to the center line of the cylinder; When measuring the diameter of a cylinder, a steel ruler should be placed vertically on the end face of the cylinder, and special attention should be paid to the fact that the edge of the steel ruler must pass through the center of the circle, otherwise the measurement error will be large.

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