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Common Faults of Generator Set in Electric Start Mode

Jul. 01, 2022

In general, the electric starting method is mostly used in high-power generator sets. The problems of the generator set are mainly concentrated in the fuel valve, switch and the battery provided by the generator set. Compared with manual faults, the reasons are more diverse. Specifically, the speech mainly focuses on the following points:

emergency generator

The first is that there is a problem with the battery of the system. Whether the battery of the generator set is running normally will directly affect the startup of the system. If the startup cannot get power supply, it will not be able to start normally. In addition, the voltage of the battery is unstable, and the speed of the starter motor does not meet the requirements for the start of the unit, so the generator set cannot start normally. In the process of using and saving the generator set, it is necessary to charge the generator set regularly. Modern generator sets generally have the function of generating electricity and self-charging. Therefore, in the maintenance of the generator set, you can regularly check whether the line is worn or loose. , to prevent battery charging problems due to wiring problems.

The second is the magnetic switch of the unit. Magnetic switch failure should first check the voltage, if the voltage is stable, can effectively supply power to the switch, indicating that there is a problem with the switch itself. Professional operators need to inspect the generator set to see if there is structural internal wear, and replace the magnetic switch components in time to avoid the failure of the components with switches and cause greater losses to the generator set.

The third is the start-up module of the unit. If the voltage is unstable, it means that there is a corresponding failure, and a stable power supply cannot be provided to the fuel valve, causing problems with the fuel valve in the fuel supply link. In this process, although the generator set can Continue to run, but running in this state for a long time will lead to the reduction of the service life of the unit. Therefore, in the process of maintenance and repair, if such problems occur, it is necessary to replace the starter module in time to ensure the normal operation of the generator set, and to prevent the generator from idling due to the failure of the starter module.

The fourth is the fuel valve. In the generator set, the fuel valve is the control core of the system. If it fails, it will lead to large voltage fluctuations and voltage reduction. The structure of the fuel valve itself is very simple. supplementary principle.

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