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Combustion Characteristics Of Weichai Natural Gas Engine

Aug. 04, 2022

According to statistics, Weichai has invested a total of 30 billion yuan in the research and development of engine technology products for 10 consecutive years. It has improved the key technologies of automobile engines in many main purposes, and has built a multi-pronged approach of high-speed and medium-speed engines, traditional energy and new technologies. The series product platform with equal emphasis on energy technology has become one of only 4 global new energy vane factories in China, and one of the few companies with the most complete product series in the world. In 2020, Weichai has not only increased its leading edge in the driving force market, but also made great progress all the way, and has become the world's largest diesel engine industry group in the context of the global economic downturn. The international honor Weichai has received has a very high degree of recognition, demonstrating the powerful strength of Chinese-made engines.


Combustion characteristics of Weichai natural gas engine:

The amount of air intake has a great influence on the output power of the engine.


Plenty of air intakes.


Adjusting the control force to the air intake determines engine performance.


If the increase is low, the power cannot be improved by increasing the fuel in the system, otherwise the knocking, the discharge will be greatly deteriorated, and the rationality will be reduced.


Weichai natural gas engine applies lean burn technology.


Basic theoretical air-fuel ratio of natural gas engine: 16-17


Weichai natural gas engine

Weichai natural gas engine uses lean burn advantages:

Good rationality, high cost-effective discharge, and low heat consumption.


Lean burn common problems: must be high for long time ignition and small spark plug gap. Fire limit value < mixed gas concentration value < knock limit value. Weichai natural gas engine gasoline octane is good.


Knock is an abnormal ignition. Long-term knocking will also cause damage to the car engine system, and the driving force and rationality of the car engine will suddenly deteriorate.


Key factors for knocking include:

The air compression ratio is too high.

Too much oil consumption, or too much carbon deposits.

However, the material is too thick or of poor quality.

Intake air temperature is too high.

Increased work pressure is too high.

Ignition is prohibited on time.


Weichai natural gas engine fuel closed-loop control, the oxygen sensor measures the exhaust pipe before it is not easy to catch fire, and feeds it back to the ECU to control the fuel to maintain the overall target air-fuel ratio. Ignition limits are included in the ECU calibration data to prevent initial ignition.


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