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Classification of Oil Filters for Deutz Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 19, 2022

The diesel engine oil filter used by Deutz diesel generator set is mainly used to remove mechanical impurities and colloidal deposits such as wear debris and dust from the engine oil, so as to reduce the wear of mechanical parts, extend the service life of engine oil, and prevent serious accidents such as oil circuit blockage and bearing bush burning. In this paper, Starlight Power will introduce the classification and working principle of oil filters for Deutz diesel generator sets.

deutz genset

The performance of oil filter directly affects the overhaul period and service life of Deutz diesel generator set. The basic requirements for the oil filter are good filtering effect and small passing resistance, which are contradictory. In order to ensure that the engine oil can be filtered well without causing excessive resistance, several filters are installed in the lubricating system of Deutz diesel generator sets, which are connected in series with the main oil passage (all circulating engine oil of the unit flows through it, and this filter is called full flow type) and in parallel (this filter is called split flow type).

The oil filter of Deutz diesel generator set can be divided into filter type and centrifugal type according to the filtering mode. In addition, the magnetic core adsorption metal mill is also used as an auxiliary filtering measure. The filtering type can be divided into fine filter (also called fine filter, which can remove particles with a diameter of 5~10um), coarse filter (which can remove particles with a diameter of 20~30um) and filter collector (which can only filter impurities of larger particles) according to the different filtering capacity. Filter type oil filters can be divided into mesh type, sub blade type, wire wound type, saw dust filter type, paper filter type and composite type according to their different structural forms.

The oil filter used in the 135 type diesel generator set adopted by Deutz diesel generator set includes two parts: the primary filter and the fine filter. The engine oil enters the conical chamber of the primary filter body 17 from the engine oil passage through the tangential rectangular oil passage on the filter seat and rotates at a high speed. Under the centrifugal force, large impurities, dirt and a small part of the engine oil are squeezed along the wall of the conical chamber to the oil path at the lower end of the primary filter seat and enter the fine filter, while most of the clean engine oil in the center of the conical chamber enters the main oil passage along the middle oil hole of the filter seat. The primary filter does not need a filter element, so the structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.

The fine filter of Deutz diesel generator set is composed of rotor housing, rotor body, rotor shaft, filter base, etc. The oil with impurities separated from the unit coarse filter enters the rotor. There are two orifices in opposite directions on the rotor. When the Deutz diesel generator set is working, the oil is ejected from the two orifices under pressure. As the reaction force of the oil ejected pushes the rotor to rotate at a high speed (generally, above 5000r/min), the mechanical impurities in the rotor cavity are separated under the centrifugal force and thrown to the wall, Clean engine oil is sprayed from the nozzle and then flows back to the oil pan.

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