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Classification and Characteristics of Diesel Generator Heaters

Jan. 06, 2023

Diesel generators are widely used in our lives, and are very common in all walks of life. There are many manufacturers and brands of diesel generators. Do you know the types of heaters used for diesel generator heaters? Next, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce the classification and characteristics of diesel generator heaters in detail.

diesel standby generator

1. Jacket heater

When the market power single-phase voltage is correctly connected, the coolant used in the unit will be heated automatically. When the unit is in standby state, the equipment automatically detects the coolant temperature. When the temperature is lower than the plant limit, it will be automatically energized for heating. The water heater is very useful, and it must be compatible. The power supply of unit water heater is urban power supply ac220v. The diesel generator battery shall be filled with liquid frequently, and the nozzle shall be sealed to prevent liquid leakage or debris from entering the battery. Electrolytic leakage will damage battery life and cause corrosion to nearby items.

2. Anti condensation heater

When the ambient humidity of the unit is relatively high, some condensing heaters need to be added. The power supply is usually the starting battery of the unit. The diesel oil in the diesel generator oil tank that has not been used for a long time is easy to absorb a certain amount of water, resulting in rust of some internal metal parts. The diesel generator is not allowed to be placed in a place with high humidity, and the dry environment shall be kept as far as possible. If it is expected that the diesel generator will not be used for a long time, discharge all diesel.

3. Jacket heater

When the single-phase power supply voltage is correctly connected, it is used for heating the cooling liquid to the automatic unit. When the machine is in standby mode, the device automatically detects the coolant temperature. When the temperature is lower than the factory setting value, the heating power is automatic. Water heaters are very useful for units that can freeze areas. The power of the main power supply AC220V jacket heater unit. The appearance of the battery used for a long time does not have too many accessories, which may cause leakage under certain circumstances. Regularly clean the battery, especially the accumulation of dust and oil on the pole and panel, which must be cleaned. The water will become a corresponding dial indicator when the battery of the diesel generator is filled with liquid. When it is used to display the liquid capacity according to the grade, it will decide whether to fill the liquid.

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