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Check The Moisture in The Crankcase Lubricating Oil of Volvo Diesel Generator

Aug. 27, 2021

Due to the presence of moisture, the opacity in the measurement channel is greatly increased, causing false alarms in the electronic device. This requires checking whether the lubricating oil in the crankcase of the Volvo diesel generator contains moisture, whether the lubricating oil cooler is leaking, whether the air system is excessively humid, and whether the heater in the bottom plate of the oil mist detector works normally.

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In recent years, through the analysis of high oil mist tripping incidents, it is found that the real high oil mist tripping is 0%, and the high moisture tripping is 98% (and in the final inspection, 95% are due to the leakage of the lubricating oil cooler), the remaining faults are 2% (such as electronic board faults, relay malfunctions, etc.). Therefore, if a high-sensitivity moisture detection device is installed on the lubricating oil inlet pipe for alarm, the operator can be reminded in time when the moisture is too high, reducing the number of destructive trips, and increasing the stability of the power grid.

The fundamental purpose of installing the oil mist detector is to monitor whether the working conditions inside the crankcase of the diesel engine itself have changed. For example, the failure of the piston ring (including peeling, abnormal wear, and breakage) causes the cylinder liner to leak air to the crankcase, forming high oil mist. At this time, check the cylinder liner and piston ring, and replace the damaged ones. For example, when the main bearing bush or connecting rod bearing bush is burnt due to high temperature, and the oil mist concentration increases and the machine stops, open the explosion-proof manhole door, carefully check whether the big end bearing and shaft of the connecting rod are burnt, and replace it if necessary.

There are many types of faults in the oil mist detector. Although these faults will not cause a trip, they will cause the diesel engine to lose important protection. According to the summary of operating experience, as long as the following points are achieved, the failure rate can be reduced to a minimum, the false trip rate can also be greatly reduced, and the first-hand information can be provided for the inspection after the trip.

(1) Maintenance personnel should do regular maintenance. Regularly replace the air filter, decompression air filter, drain the moisture in the condenser tube, clean the oil in the valve box, clean the infrared probe with alcohol, purge the sampling tube, oil circuit, and gas circuit with compressed air, and do necessary alarm tests And high oil mist protection action (the easiest way is to blow a puff of cigarette smoke from the entrance of the sampling tube) test.

(2) When Volvo diesel generators are running, operators should carefully monitor the bearing temperature, lubricating oil temperature and other related parameters, and regularly observe the working conditions of the oil mist detector, the indication of the oil mist concentration, and the crankcase U-shaped differential pressure gauge. Difference, whether there is smoke from the crankcase ventilation device, whether the crankcase explosion-proof door is hot, whether there is an alarm for the high pressure difference of the crankcase, etc. If high oil mist trip occurs, record the concentration value, the flop of the valve box, the differential value of the crankcase differential pressure gauge, whether there is any abnormality in the bearing temperature, and the indications of the indicator lights of the oil mist detector, etc. as soon as possible.

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