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Characteristics of Diesel Generator Set Self Starting Control System

Dec. 08, 2022

The control system for automatic starting of diesel generator set shall be equipped with fast automatic starting and automatic switching device. In case of mains power failure or maintenance outage, the standby unit shall be able to recover power supply from the starting well quickly. The allowable outage time of Class I load shall be determined according to the specific situation from tens of seconds to tens of seconds. Next, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will share the functional characteristics of the control system of the self starting diesel generator set. The specific contents are as follows:

standby generator set

When the main mains power supply is cut off, the diesel generator set shall first wait for 3-5 seconds to avoid the time when the instantaneous voltage drops and the municipal grid closes or the standby power automatically reports in, and then issue the command to start the self starting generator set. It will take a period of time from the time when the command is issued, the unit starts, the speed is increased to the time when it can carry full load. Some large and medium power diesel generator sets also need to be pre lubricated and warmed up, so that the engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature and cooling water temperature during emergency loading meet the requirements of the technical conditions of the factory products; Prelubrication and warm-up can be carried out in advance according to different conditions. For example, the standby units for communication, important foreign affairs activities in large hotels, wooden mass activities in public buildings at night, and important surgical operations in hospitals should be in the pre lubrication and warm up state at ordinary times, so that they can be quickly started at any time and the time of power failure can be shortened as much as possible.

After the start of diesel generator set is put into operation, in order to reduce the mechanical and current impact in case of sudden load, it is better to increase the emergency load according to the time interval in order to meet the power supply requirements. According to the production standards of the diesel generator manufacturer, the first allowable load of the self starting diesel generator set after successful self starting is as follows: for the rated power not greater than 250W, the first allowable load is not less than 50% of the rated load; for the rated power greater than 250KW, the factory technical conditions shall apply. If the requirements for transient voltage drop and transition process are not strict, the load suddenly applied or unloaded by the general unit should not exceed 70% of the rated capacity of the unit.

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