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Characteristics And Precautions Of Parallel Operation Of Diesel Generator Sets

May. 10, 2023

When the diesel generator sets work in parallel, the load current cannot maintain balanced distribution, or the current and power oscillate periodically, which causes instability of speed, voltage and circuit, that is, the generator sets cannot work in parallel stably.


For such problems, electricians often believe that it is caused by mechanical reasons of the diesel engine, while maintenance personnel also believe that it is caused by electrical equipment, and both parties can prove that the relevant parts of each unit are normal in performance. In this way, due to the lack of clear analysis of the cause of the fault, it is difficult to solve the problem by shifting blame to each other.


It should be pointed out that most diesel generator sets with poor parallel performance have good mechanical and electrical performance when they operate alone. This indicates that the occurrence of the problem is caused by the establishment of some mutual connection after the parallel connection of the units. Therefore, when analyzing these issues, it is necessary to start from the mutual coordination of the characteristics and parameters of each parallel unit. At the same time, the factors that affect the parallel operation of generator sets are often ignored or considered insignificant when used separately.


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