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Causes of Turbocharger Surge in Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 14, 2023

When the turbocharger of a diesel generator set operates at a certain speed, the airflow flow rate of its compressor is reduced to a certain extent due to certain factors. The airflow in the compressor will experience strong oscillation, causing blade vibration and surging noise at the inlet of the compressor, resulting in a significant decrease in intake pressure. This phenomenon is called compressor surge. Surging can lead to unstable operation, reduced power, and black smoke from the exhaust, and in severe cases, it can cause damage to the compressor.

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Fault cause:

(1) Air intake blockage. The surge of the diesel generator compressor is mainly caused by blockage in the intake system, such as severe blockage of the air filter element, severe aging and flattening of the intake hose, and blockage of too much oil stains in the intake pipe. Due to blockage, the turbocharger delivers insufficient air to the cylinder during operation, resulting in significant fluctuations in air pressure and causing compressor surge. The deformation of the flow channel of the compressor nozzle ring can also cause surge.

(2) Changes in atmospheric temperature. When a turbocharged diesel generator set with an intercooler operates in a high-temperature environment, or when a turbocharged diesel generator set with an intercooler operates at a low temperature, the compressor is prone to surge. This is because changes in atmospheric temperature cause changes in the operating line of the turbocharger, not just because the turbocharger itself has problems.

Dingbo Power Generation Equipment provides troubleshooting methods based on the surge of the turbocharger of the diesel generator set mentioned above: check the air filter element of the diesel generator set, blow or replace the filter element with compressed air, and clean the intake channel or wipe the inner wall of the pipeline with a clean towel.

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