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Causes of Generator Connecting Rod Bolt Rupture

Mar. 31, 2023

Connecting rod bolts are fasteners used to connect the bolt head and the screw rod. In order to avoid looseness and slippage of the threaded connection, there is usually a loosening setting on the connecting rod bolts. Connecting rod bolts occasionally encounter some problems during use, such as breakage, tolerance length, and looseness. Today, Starlight will reveal the causes of generator connecting rod bolt breakage.

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(1) When a diesel generator set experiences a runaway fault or a piston burning in the cylinder during operation, the connecting rod bolts are pulled apart. If the engine has experienced a runaway fault during use, a comprehensive inspection of the engine should be conducted, and it is best to replace the connecting rod bolts. If individual cylinders have experienced severe cylinder pulling during operation, the connecting rod bolts should also be replaced when replacing the cylinder piston assembly.

(2) Excessive tightening torque and uneven force during assembly. Due to the lack of strict matching torque wrenches during assembly and the lack of understanding of the specific tightening torque, it is believed that the tighter the better; The connecting rod bolt is tightened with a longer force rod, and the tightening torque is too large, exceeding the yield limit of the bolt material, causing the connecting rod bolt to yield and deform, causing it to fracture due to excessive elongation under impact load. It should be emphasized that the connecting rod bolts must be tightened according to the standard, and it must not be considered that the more tight and the greater the force, the better.

(3) Material issues, machining defects, and heat treatment process issues can also lead to fracture of connecting rod bolts during engine operation.

(4) The connecting rods of diesel generators are divided into various levels, and it should be noted that different levels of connecting rods cannot be replaced during maintenance. If the connecting rod cap is mishandled or incorrectly installed due to carelessness during maintenance, it may result in a loose fit on the connecting rod big end joint surface, and during engine operation, it may cause the connecting rod cap to loosen, leading to fracture of the connecting rod bolts.

Understanding the causes of broken connecting rod bolts can help generator users quickly identify the source of the problem and promptly adjust or repair it. Of course, Starlight hopes that you can take precautions in advance to avoid these situations and eliminate avoidable safety hazards.

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