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Causes of Compressor Impeller of Diesel Generator Damage

Jan. 06, 2023

As for why the turbine or compressor impeller of the diesel generator is damaged, the first problem is that metal objects enter the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator: during normal high-speed operation of the turbocharger, if metal objects such as nuts and screws are discharged from the exhaust pipe of the diesel generator, the turbine blades will be damaged, and even the turbine casing will be damaged in serious cases.

diesel generator maintenance

Similarly, the compressor impeller blade will also be damaged in this case. If the impeller blade is damaged, the dynamic balance of the rotor will be destroyed immediately, and the vibration of the turbocharger rotor shafting will increase, and the turbocharger will no longer be used. If abnormal response is heard during use, stop and check immediately to prevent falling compressor blade fragments from entering the cylinder of diesel generator, causing serious accidents.

Secondly, the air filter is not used as required or the air inlet pipe is not tightly sealed: when using a supercharged diesel generator in desert areas or areas with harsh operating conditions, fine sand and dust enter the supercharger through the gaps in the air filter or pipe, which can cause uniform wear of the blades at the air inlet of the supercharger impeller, reduce the supercharging effect of the supercharger, and even damage the balance of the rotor in serious cases, Therefore, the air inlet pipeline and air filter shall be inspected and maintained frequently, the filter element shall be replaced in time, and the pipe interface shall be fastened to reduce the occurrence of such failures.

The oil sludge is not removed in time: after the supercharger has been used for a long time, the dust in the air will form oil sludge with the oil mist, which will gradually gather on the channel at the inlet of the supercharger housing, so that there is no gap between the impeller and the housing, or the blade and the supercharger housing will contact and cause friction, which will cause the vibration of the supercharger rotor shafting and aggravate the wear of the shafting. Therefore, the oil sludge should be regularly checked and removed in time.

Finally, the exhaust temperature of the diesel generator is too high: due to the failure of the fuel system of the supercharger diesel generator, such as oil supply delay, excessive oil supply or air leakage of the exhaust valve, the exhaust temperature can be too high, resulting in burning and deformation of the blades at the turbine inlet. Too high exhaust temperature can also carbonize the engine oil at the turbine end seal, and locally overheat the turbine end bearing, resulting in premature failure of the seal and bearing.

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