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Causes and Diagnosis of White Smoke in Generator Sets

Jun. 28, 2022

When the generator set is running in cold weather, the temperature of the diesel engine is low, and the temperature of the exhaust pipe is also low. It is a normal phenomenon that the water vapor exhaust gas condenses into water vapor to form white smoke. If the temperature of the generator set is normal and the temperature of the exhaust pipe is also normal, white smoke is still emitted, indicating that the operation of the diesel engine is abnormal, and it can be judged that the diesel engine is faulty. The main factors affecting the white inspection of diesel generator sets are:

diesel generating set

1. The cylinder liner is cracked or the cylinder gasket is damaged, and the cooling water enters the cylinder. When exhausting, the structure is simply composed of water mist or water vapor.

2. The atomization of the injector is poor, the injection pressure is too low, and there is oil dripping. The fuel mixture in the cylinder is not uniform, the combustion is incomplete, and a lot of unburned hydrocarbons are produced, which simply forms water mist or water vapor when exhausted.

3. The fuel supply advance angle is too small. Too little fuel is injected into the cylinder before the piston ascends to the top of the cylinder, resulting in a leaner combustible mixture. Too late injection reduces the amount of premixed fuel and reduces the amount of premixed fuel. Pre-mixture reduction reduces the combustion rate, the combustion ends later, and the combustion constitutes a lot of water vapor smoke.

4. There is water and air in the fuel. Water and air are injected into the cylinder along with the fuel to form an uneven fuel mixture, the combustion is incomplete, and a lot of unburned hydrocarbons are discharged out of the engine.

5. Severe wear and tear of pistons and cylinder liners causes insufficient compression force, resulting in incomplete combustion.

6. When the diesel engine is just started, the individual cylinders do not burn (especially in winter), and the unburned fuel mixture is discharged with the exhaust gas of other operating cylinders to form water vapor smoke.

The exhaust of the generator set should be colorless or light gray, if the smoke color is irregular, the engine may be faulty. The white smoke in the engine operation is because the exhaust gas contains diesel vapor or water vapor. By checking the smoke color of the exhaust gas, it can help to identify the faulty part of the diesel engine, and then achieve the purpose of eliminating the fault in time. The engine can prolong its service life only if it maintains excellent working conditions; at the same time, the full combustion of fuel not only saves fuel, improves economy, but also reduces air pollution.

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