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Basic Structure of Electric Starting System Circuit of Diesel Generator

Feb. 24, 2023

The electric starting system of diesel generator is composed of starting motor, charging generator, charging generator regulator, battery and instrument. Since the starting system is a DC power supply and uses many transistor elements, which are particularly sensitive to the polarity of the power supply, special attention should be paid to the correct connection of the circuit and the specification of the components during assembly and disassembly.

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The starting steps of diesel generators are not as simple and easy as expected. Many new users have certain misunderstandings about the starting of diesel generators. If they are not used properly, they will have a negative impact on the diesel generators.

Then we can start the diesel generator correctly according to the following steps.

1. Loosen the bleed screw on the fuel injection pump, use the fuel hand pump to remove the air in the fuel system, and fix the adjustment control handle at the throttle position suitable for starting speed.

2. Press the start button to start the diesel engine. If the diesel engine still cannot start on fire for 10 seconds (more than 15 seconds), it should wait for 1 minute to start again. If it still cannot start for three consecutive times, check and find out the cause of the fault.

3. After the diesel generator is started, pay close attention to the reading of the oil pressure gauge (2.5-3.5kg/C ㎡ under normal operation). If the oil pressure gauge does not indicate, stop the engine immediately and check whether the ammeter has charging indication.

4. After the unit is started, the no-load speed will gradually increase to 1000-1200r/min (note that it is not allowed to operate at low speed for a long time). After the diesel engine is warmed up, the speed will be increased to the rated speed. Only when the water outlet temperature reaches 55 ℃ and the oil temperature reaches 45 ℃, can it enter into full load operation.

5. When the instruments of the diesel generator indicate normal, the load switch can be closed to transmit power to the load. With the change of the unit load, if the frequency and voltage are not within the specified range, the frequency and voltage should be adjusted in time to maintain the rated value. It is strictly forbidden to load the unit at low speed to avoid damage to the equipment.

6. After the diesel generator is put into normal operation, pay attention to the changes of water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure as well as the readings of power meter, frequency meter, ammeter and voltmeter at any time, and deal with any abnormality in time. Domestic diesel generator.

After the diesel generator is started, the silicon rectifier charging generator works with the generator regulator to charge the battery through the ammeter A and the ammeter displays the charging current. The charging current and the "on" or off "of the charging circuit are automatically controlled by the charging generator regulator.

After the diesel generator stops, because the charging generator regulator is equipped with a current cut-off device, it can automatically cut off the circuit between the battery and the excitation winding of the charging generator, which can prevent the battery power from flowing back to the excitation winding of the silicon rectifier charging generator.

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