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Avoiding Operation Precautions of Diesel Generators

Aug. 25, 2023

Do you know what precautions to avoid when operating diesel generators? Today, the diesel generator sets manufacturer came to answer questions about how to avoid operating diesel generators. Before using and maintaining a diesel generator, it is important to read and understand the user manual, diesel generator manual, and generator user manual, comply with all operating rules, reduce operational risks, and avoid personal injury and equipment damage.

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Firstly, all electrical engineering (including grounding of diesel generators, etc.) must be carried out by professional technical personnel, and all maintenance work must be completed by qualified technicians or licensed electricians. And when it is prohibited to open the door, please keep the door on the diesel generator casing tightly locked, and also equip the unit with an ABC level fire extinguisher. Do not store other flammable and explosive materials near the diesel generator. If adding fuel to the diesel generator during operation is prohibited, the fuel and gas of the diesel generator are flammable and may explode.

Please use appropriate fuel storage equipment and establish a standardized handover procedure. Smoking, sparking, or other behaviors that may cause open flames near diesel generators are prohibited to avoid the explosion of volatile fuel gases and hydrogen gas released during battery charging when encountering open flames. Finally, please read and comply with all electrical warning and preventive measures described in the manual before operating the diesel generator. Please be sure to check if fuel, coolant, and lubricating oil have been added before starting the diesel generator to ensure that the battery is fully charged.

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