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Assembly and Adjustment of Cummins 6BT Series Diesel Engine

Oct. 18, 2019

In this article, Starlight company mainly shares how to assemble and adjust Cummins 6BT Series diesel Engine of generator set.


1.Assembly of Cylinder Block

A.Before assemble, should clean cylinder block. All oil passages, main bearing holes, camshaft holes, tappet holes and screw holes shall not have burr edges, and shall be blown clean with compressed air. No foam, moulding sand and iron chips. Wash with gasoline and white silk cloth until the cylinder and other moving parts are cleaned by sticking machine oil with toilet paper. There is no dirt on toilet paper that the cleaning is qualified;

B.Press bowl plug into water jacket hole and main oil passage hole of cylinder block, before pressing, should uniformly smear GY-255 anaerobic adhesive on the surface of bowl-shaped plug cylinder;

C.Main bearing head and cylinder block must be paired and assembled. The chamfered side of the main bearing cover (marked in sequence) faces the pump side. Each bolt hole of the main bearing cover has a positioning ring for location. Should keep the joint surface of bearing cap cleaned and wiped with non-woven or silk cloth;


D.In the course of delivery, should ensure the top, bottom and gear chamber surfaces of cylinder block are not damaged;

E.Press the flywheel positioning ring, cylinder head positioning ring and gear chamber positioning ring into the corresponding seat holes of the cylinder block with special tools, and the positioning ring should be pressed in place without deviation;

F.The installation position of the booster return pipe is at the lower right part of the cylinder block. Before assembly, should coat GY-255 anaerobic glue on the lower end of the return pipe, and press into the shoulder with special tools. The return pipe and the hole of the supercharger are in transitional coordination - 0.11mm-0.01mn.

2.Installation of tappet body


The fit clearance between the tappet body and the hole is 0.02mm to 0.065mm. Before assembling tappet, use 15W40 lubricating oil to lubricate the hole of cylinder block tappet, and use grease to lubricate bottom surface and inner socket of tappet body. The tappet body shall completely be located in the hole of tappet body, and can rotate freely.


3.Installation of crankshaft, gear and spindle bush

A.Firstly, check whether there are scratches or other defects on the surface of crankshaft journal. Install the positioning pin, the min protrusion of the positioning pin is 1.8mm. Before loading the gears, heat the gears in a furnace at 150 ℃ for 1 hour. Check the timing marks and defects situation of the gears. When installing, turn the chamfered side towards the crankshaft. After the gear is pressed into the crankshaft, it should be tightly attached to the crankshaft shoulder and checked with a 0.05mm plug ruler. It should not be stuffed into the crankshaft. Install the main bearing bush on the main bearing seat and the main bearing bush seat of the cylinder block;


B.Install crankshaft journal thrust bearing bush on the sixth main bearing. When installing, should use grease 105 to coat on bearing bush inner surface and thrust bush thrust surface and coat grease 15W40 on journal surface;

C.The clearance between crankshaft and hole is 0.041mm to 0.119mm. Before loading crankshaft into engine, the surface of journal, should clean carefully inclined oil passage and bearing seat. Sand inclusion and flying edge are not allowed on the non-machined surface of crankshaft.


4.Installation of piston and connecting rod


A.Check the cleanliness and defects situation of piston, connecting rod, piston pin and piston pin elastic ring. The clearance between piston pin and piston pin seat hole is 0.0028mm to 0.0172mm. Before assembly, piston can be heated to 50 ~ 70 ℃ (or not heated, assembled by matching method). When the piston's leading sign is upward, the connecting rod cover should be on the right side (from top to downward). The piston pin should be coated with 15W40 lubricant and then smoothly pushed into the piston pin hole and the connecting rod small head hole. The piston pin should be able to slide freely into the piston pin;

B.Piston ring assembly. Before installing the piston ring, brush the piston ring groove with a clean brush dipped in 15W40 lubricant.


5.Installation of gear chamber


A.Check the cleanliness of the mounting surface of the gear room or the defects caused during transportation;

B.Firstly, press the positioning pin into the positioning pin hole of the front end face of the cylinder block. Then, install gear chamber.

 630KW Cummins Diesel genset_副本.jpg

6.Installation of oil pump assembly

A.Check whether the oil pump and cylinder block are defective. Rotate the oil pump, check whether the oil pump can rotate freely;

B.Use 15W40 lubricating oil to lubricate engine oil pump;

C.Fill the lumen of oil pump with CD grade 15W40 oil.


7.Installation of Wheel Shaft and Tappet Body


A.Install camshaft gear. Before assembling, the gears should be kept warm for at least one hour in the furnace at 125 ℃. When pressing the gears into the camshaft, it is necessary to ensure that the keys are aligned with the keyway and that the gears are close to the shoulder of the shaft. The gears should be inspected with a 0.05mm plug ruler and not be stuffed in;

B.Installation of camshaft. Before installing, use 15W40 lubricating oil to lubricate camshaft journal and cam peach.


8.Installation of timing pin seat and oil pump

A.Rotate the crankshaft, so that it is at the dead point on the cylinder. Check whether the timing mark on the crankshaft gear is aligned with the timing mark on the camshaft gear;

B.Install timing pin seat on mounting hole of gear room;

C.Check cleanliness and defects situation of oil pump and gasket, and check whether the manual rocker arm can swing freely.


Above information is some methods of assembly and adjustment of Cummins 6BT series diesel engine. If you would like to get more information, or have other technical problems, or interested in Cummins diesel generator set, welcome email to sales@dieselgeneratortech.com, our Starlight worker will give you professional and satisfied reply. 

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