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Analysis of The Horsepower Drop of Volvo Generators

May. 25, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you the problems of the decrease in horsepower and the increase in fuel consumption of Volvo generators.

The working performance of Volvo generators depends on the good and correct cooperation of many factors, such as the formation of the mixture, the combustion process, lubrication and cooling, and the quality of the components. In the process of use, the various assemblies and parts of Volvo generators have changed the dimensional accuracy of the original design and manufacture of parts due to friction, wear, deformation and corrosion under the action of mechanical, thermal and chemical factors. , geometry and various technical conditions. This makes the Volvo generator push the original technical situation, and the performance gradually declines.

volvo generators

Due to the wear of the parts, the factors affecting the working process are out of balance, such as the increase of the gap, the deterioration of the sealing, the change of the compression ratio, the change of the injection pressure and the quality of the spray, etc. This makes the power of the Volvo generator gradually decrease, which is manifested as the lack of power of the Volvo generator, the reduction of the driving speed of the car tractor, the prolonged acceleration time and distance, the black smoke from the exhaust and so on.

The economy of Volvo generators, that is, the fuel consumption rate, also has a process of change. In the initial running-in stage of the new Volvo alternator, due to the poor contact of the mating surfaces, the loss of friction work is relatively large, so the fuel consumption rate is also high. After adjustment and running-in, the Volvo generator reached a good technical condition, and the fuel consumption rate stabilized in a lower range. Since then, the fuel consumption rate has gradually increased again as the Volvo generator wears out and the general technical condition deteriorates. At the same time, the consumption of lubricants has also increased.

In addition to the decrease of horsepower and the increase of fuel consumption rate, with the increase of working time of Volvo generator, the gap between various mechanisms and matching parts increases, which destroys the correct cooperation relationship. Caused or exacerbated by shock loads, damage and failure often occur, reducing the operational reliability of Volvo generators.

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