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Analysis of Insufficient Compression Force of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 03, 2023

When a diesel generator set is difficult to start successfully or cannot be started at one time when it is started, our engineers of the diesel generator set manufacturer generally first judge that it is caused by the failure of insufficient compression force of the engine. So what are the symptoms of insufficient engine compression? How will the malfunction be repaired? Next, the diesel generator set manufacturer will talk slowly.

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Condition during troubleshooting of insufficient compression force of diesel generator set engine: during inspection, when rotating the crankshaft with external force, the resistance of compression stroke is not large.

Diesel generator set engine compression failure and troubleshooting maintenance methods are as follows:

Failure phenomenon of insufficient compression force of diesel generator set engine: the diesel generator set cannot be started.

Causes of engine malfunction and maintenance troubleshooting methods: engine valve leakage

(1) The engine valve clearance is too small and does not close tightly; Check and adjust the valve clearance to meet the technical requirements specified in the manual;

(2) Severe carbon accumulation on the valve, causing the valve stem to bite; Open the cylinder head, remove carbon deposits from the valve, clean the valve, and add lubricating oil to the valve stem;

(3) The valve cone and seat are severely worn, resulting in poor sealing. Repair and grind the valve.

The piston ring is severely worn, and there is air leakage between the piston ring and the cylinder liner. Disassemble the piston and replace the piston ring.

(1) Excessive clearance between piston and cylinder liner; Replace the piston or cylinder liner according to wear.

(2) If the piston rings are stuck or the notches of each ring overlap, clean the piston rings and stagger the notches of each ring.

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