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Analysis of Generator Set Sudden Shutdown and Unable to Restart

Aug. 15, 2023

The manifestation of a sudden shutdown of a generator set is that under normal operating conditions, non human factors cause the unit to suddenly shut down and cannot be restarted. Many customers may feel a bit panicked when encountering the problem of sudden shutdown, but in fact, as long as you understand how to handle it, you can easily deal with it. In this article, diesel generator set manufacturers mainly talk about this aspect with everyone.

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The sudden shutdown of the generator set during operation is mainly caused by the fuel cut-off fault of the fuel injection pump, followed by internal jamming of the engine. When encountering this phenomenon, first check whether the fuel injection pump is rotating and supplying oil.

1. Use the starter to drive the engine. If it can rotate normally, observe whether the camshaft of the fuel injection pump rotates. If it rotates normally, it indicates that the fuel injection pump is faulty. The operation of the control mechanism should be checked for normal operation. You can flip the throttle lever to check if the connection between the control arm and the longitudinal axis is good.

2. If the camshaft of the fuel injection pump does not rotate, it is due to loose fastening bolts of the camshaft gear, broken camshaft, or gear failure in the gear compartment.

3. If the starter fails to drive the engine, it indicates an internal fault in the engine. Such as jamming between the piston and cylinder, jamming between the crankshaft and bearings, jamming of the fuel injection pump plunger, and mechanical failure of the valve distribution mechanism. Under normal circumstances, the valve cover should be opened for inspection first. If the oil pressure is too low or the temperature is too high during operation, it is necessary to directly carry out maintenance according to the specific situation.

After understanding the handling methods for sudden shutdown of the generator set, I believe you can handle such situations easily. In fact, the unit may encounter other unexpected situations during use. If you don't know how to handle them, you can contact Dingbo in a timely manner. Dingbo will provide you with the most effective handling plan.

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